Rip and Play DVD Movies on Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 with High Qual

Aug 05, 2013
This tutorial is about how to rip DVD to Galaxy Note 8 supported formats. With the help of MacX DVD to Galaxy Note 8 ripper, you can easily put and play DVD movies on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 wherever you go.

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Nov 20, 2015 07:44 AM » posted by: Karim

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Nov 14, 2015 09:46 PM » posted by: Pamela

I actually got my copy a coplue of days before it was supposed to be released from a video game store. It's mostly cardio boxing, although there are other exercises including Punch Dog, reverse sit-ups, back strengthening and squats that utilize the balance board. There are 4 other exercises that have to be unlocked as you progress through the game. (I just unlocked Jump Rope today, on my 4th day.) Gold points are earned to be spent in the Shop on gear, and additional items go on sale as you go.After initial registration , you choose your trainer, either Alex or Nina. Other trainers are unlocked as you progress. (I just unlocked Brenda.) Each day, you have a choice of doing a prepared workout or an ala carte workout. After the prepared workout, you get to leave a punch stamp on the calendar, indicating that you've completed that day's workout. There are Boxing Examinations you can take to test yourself.As of yet, I haven't noticed the scale feature and I had to enter my weight manually when I first set up my profile. All in all, it's a great workout- more interesting and interactive than Wii Fit (which I still love). I was sweating after about 5 minutes, and I'm STILL sore from my first workout! There's less jumping and hopping around than My Fitness Coach, which, with my bad knees, is a big plus. I look forward to unlocking more of the features of this game!Update: 4/12/09- I've unlocked a coplue of the Special workouts in the Shape Boxing, but only done Dodging, which is really tricky because you have to throw punches at the same time! I've unlocked all the locked excercises in Exercise and they are Roadwork (running & boxing a bear that crosses your path), Sandbag (punching 10 sandbangs in the allotted 3 minutes), Log Chopping (using the remote to saw through a log in 3 minutes), and Jump Rope . I've unlocked another trainer named Bob, who looks like the BIGGEST guy on Muscle Beach, and a two new outfits for the trainer I've chosen (Brenda), as well as a few new items that were given to me for reaching a X amount of punches. I'm still loving this game and have lost about 4 lbs since I've been playing it (along w/Weight Watchers). It's not hard on my bad knees and I feel the burn where I should.

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