The Singing and Talking Deer will be a great raisin for your parties

Dec 12, 2007
Karaoke? No! The singing and talking deer! That's something extraordinary and shocking, but rather interesting.

Honestly, I was surprised one more time at people's inventiveness. Can you imagine a head of a deer fastened to your wall singing and almost dancing? Sounds incredibly, isn't it?

There are 12 the most popular and famous songs programmed. So, his mouth moves in synchromotion to these songs. How does it dance? To cheer you up it stirs his ears and moves his head up and down, from side to side.

Do you want to make your deer say something, to thank your guests for coming, for example? Thanks to the included microphone, the deer will speak with your voice.
Moreover, the deer looks more realistic than you even expect. Natural appearance with fur and a few whiskers really impresses.

You can play a lot of jokes on your friends starting from the story about Safari and finishing with the deer talking with your voice. It will bring you much fun and pleasure.

This device must be for those who hate being home alone. They can turn the deer on and it will sing his funny songs and make amazing movements. If something is stirring in your room - you are definitely not alone. It will even talk to you with your voice if you want to talk to someone really smart - to yourself!

I think that the singing, talking and 'dancing' deer can become a great novelty and interesting gadget for your parties, holidays and will help you to enjoy yourself.

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