Write-Glow message board - one more cause to write something pleasant

Dec 11, 2007
Do you want your messages to be always seen and noticed? There are some variants. One is that you can find a big sheet of paper or even a whatman paper and write your message. The other variant is that you can use multicolored markers to attract attention. The third method is that you can use all the previous at the same time. But the easiest method is to buy Write-Glow message board.

With the help of this device you will attract everyone's attention without any efforts. The board causes people to look at it even if there are no messages on it. A big desire arises to write something on it, even if it's not really necessary.

Perspex panel with aluminum base and a special marker allow you to write messages using the engraved effect. It looks very unusual. Luckily, the board can be used for writing messages more than once. Wipe out your letters and write something new.

The board is even waterproof. So, it is able for outdoor use. It can be very handy in different situations.

Actually, the device looks like a neon sign, so it won't be left unnoticed.
By the way, it seems to me that this Write-Glow message board will definitely cause much desire to write something again and again. Who knows, maybe the messages won't be just 'water flowers', 'buy foodstuffs', etc. I hope the messages will be the following: 'I miss you, see you in the evening', 'I love you'. And not because of the desire just to write anything there!

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