Barbie B2 player for fashionable princesses

Dec 10, 2007
A brand-new device - Barbie B2 MP3 player - appeared in the 'Barbie world'. No, it is not intended for Barbie dolls, but for those 'Barbie girls'. It is perfect either for little girls and young ladies, or for glamorous girls, that really like fashionable and pretty gadgets to underline their style and individuality.

The size of the player is incredibly small, but its weight is just 33 grams. The owners of the Barbie B2 MP3 player get even more than they expect. There is a built-in mirror. Or there is a mirror with the built-in MP3 player, that's up to you! I think that without this mirror the MP3 player couldn't be called 'Barbie'.

You may think that the design is all that the player has, so it doesn't have enough memory and other functions. You are wrong. The player has 2 GB of internal memory. That's more than enough for a young girl. Moreover, it guarantees 10 hours of continuous listening to music. Rather providently, isn't it?

The player also has FM tuner and Dictaphone. The OLED-display allows you to look different photos through, if the size of the screen doesn't confuse you. I think these functions can satisfy the girls' needs.

The device is really miniature. That is why it attracts much attention. Its design has a lot of variations for all tastes. Its color can be not just pink. There were designed even special accessories to make the player even more glamorous and 'Barbie'. The gadget can become a great present! Any little girl will be glad to have such a little, compact and stylish mp3 player.

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