Chimo fireplace - more than a usual fireplace

Dec 08, 2007
Are you dreaming about a fireplace in your room? Pleasant winter evenings near the fireplace, tea-drinking, discussions near the fire.. Actually, placing a fireplace needs some big and cardinal changes in your room. The following is waiting for you: crashing a wall, a lot of filth, noise and, finally, the desire not to have any fireplaces at all. But there is another way. Chimo fireplace can become an extraordinary solution for your bedroom or living room.

Chimo fireplaces show us that you can supply yourself with a nice modern fireplace, living all the problems and cares behind. Thanks to simple, laconic, universal and stylish design of the fireplace, it will decorate any room.

Its big and very practical advantage is that it is flueless. So, there will be no bulky and uncomfortable chimney. How did the company obtain this? The answer is simple, Chimo fireplace uses clean-burning ethanol fuel.

But there is something I would like to pay your attention on. Doesn't the design of this fireplace remind you of a litter-bin? Seems like there was used almost the same design, shape, size and material. If it doesn't confuse you, that's great. Because the rest descriptions of Chimo fireplace show us, that it is more comfortable and useful to have this fireplace than a traditional one.

But don't be confused and shocked if someone tries to throw something there as in a litter-bin. You can put an inscription there. But I think that it would be great if the fireplace was worked by wooden or usual bricks. This would look even more stylish, like a traditional small-sized fireplace.

But, all in all, this fireplace will definitely bring much warmth and cosiness in your room.

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