The radio that moves its lips while working

Dec 08, 2007
If you don't understand who is talking to you from the radio - Moving Radio will demonstrate it visually to you. It's speaking the radio by itself!

This funny, charming and nice gadget adds more cosiness in your room or office. You won't feel yourself lonely if you are alone - because something rather alive is talking to you, moving its lips.

This radio doesn't have any unusual extra-functions. But it really grafts with its design.
Even if you really like this radio, don't try to kiss its lips anyway. It will thank you if you just listen to it as often as possible.

I guess the gadget can become a really cool gift for someone. That can be added to the list of those presents for anybody for any holiday. A kid or an adult - everyone will be glad to have this one as a gift.

I have recently bought the moving radio for myself. And you know what? Every time I turn it on and it "talks" to me I feel the desire to answer it! The lips look really funny. But in order not to feel myself absolutely mad I would like to have the same radio but with eyes, nose, maybe even with ears and hair. In this case I would fell like I'm talking to a person, not just to its lips..

All in all, the gadget is really cool and interesting. While working it feels like it is talking exactly to you.

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