TOP 5 Vehicles of November

Dec 07, 2007

Rocker Kart Lets You Rock All the Way to the Shops

The Rocker Kart is a bicycle alternative, retailing at £149.99 (9), the three-wheeled kart lacks any form of visible steering, but that is where the Rocker gets interesting. Apparently, by leaning left or right a patented control mechanism comes into play, altering your course to follow the direction of your weight shift.
That sounds like a recipe for disaster to us, but as we all know such disaster can be equivalent to great fun, and so we want to try this baby out. The build of the device seems to be impressively well done, from the galvanized metal frame to the shapely front wheel, intended for better cornering and, of course, the bad ass flame design adorning the seat and frame. I see a Gizmodo Rocker Kart tournament on the horizon...I see Malik winning a Gizmodo Rocker Kart tournament trophy. I see dead people.

Carbon Chassis Velocipede

First human powered vehicle to have a carbon fiber monocoque chassis, the same material found in the fastest high-performance Formula 1 automobiles. Designed by world-renowned designer Michael Goretzky, the customized vehicle combines the low-impact exercise benefits of a recumbent bicycle with the stability of a three-wheeled cruiser and the aerodynamics of a concept automobile.

Huffy Bicycles

The Green machine feautures dual-joystick, rear-wheel steering, 20″ rubber front tire, front-wheel hand brake, extra wide blow molded rear wheels and a rear mount flag for maximum visibility.

MIT Designs Electro-Scooter That Folds Up into Tiny, Wheeled Package

Those eggheads at the Smart Cities group at MIT are a clever bunch, coming up with a design concept for an electric scooter that folds up into a package scarcely larger than a wheeled carry-on suitcase. In the Utopian vision for such bikes, you'd ride one to work, then fold it up and roll it right into the office, where it will take up very little space. But wait. This idea gets even more appealing:
As depicted in the conceptual rendering above, there's a plan to rent the electric bikes in numerous locations throughout a city, where a rider could take a bike one-way, dropping it off near a destination in a different part of town.
The scooter's not bad looking, either. If you like this, wait 'til next year, when the group will be rolling out a foldable electric car.

No 1 Lotus and Hot Wheels Create Badass Concept

Lotus makes a sexy car on their own, but teaming up with die-cast maker Hot Wheels they've really outdone themselves. A 1:5 scale model created for SEMA, one of its most distinctive characteristics is the exposed center spine which incorporates switches and gear linkages while supporting that massive wing you see sticking out the back. Mostly men want nice cars to attract women and get them sex. This car is so hot it can skip the finding a woman part.

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