Human & Artificial Intelligence: TOP 10 of Robots

Dec 06, 2007
10 years ago words "Robot", "Humanoid" ran like something fantastic, unusual and sometimes making jump. Nowadays these words are usual as a mobile phone. Here is the TOP of the latests and the most impressive creations of engineers of AI.

Daft Punk Bearbricks: Musicians and Robots and Bears..

ToysREvil - the last position of our TOP, has the scoop on a limited edition pair of Daft Punk Bearbricks, meant to coincide with the release of Daft Punk's Alive 2007 CD. Medicom will release 3000 of these toys on December 5, package them with a copy of the CD and sell it for 5250 Yen (), presumably in Japan. The Bearbricks also come housed in a pyramid, not unlike the one Daft Punk used for their epic live shows. The set as a whole looks pretty sweet, but I think I like the earlier Daft Punk/Medicom collaborations better...and now I sound like an obsessive DP fanboy.

The 9th place - Bandai Tachikoma Electronics Robot

Amongst a myriad of plastic creatures/chisels accessible for fans, Bandai has plans to sell a remote controlled Tachikoma in Japan beginning February. The Robot can be connected to your computer via USB. The witty robot would be able to read your email, to create and process applications and fortunately now you can play mini games with it developed by Bandai.

No 8 - Robotic Lady Bug Cleaning Machine

This meter-high ladybug is a prototype robot cleaner but, if tests go well, could be the new face of washroom hygiene in Japan. As well as putting a nice shine to the bathroom floor with its scrubbing abilities, the light-up insect, which is being developed for NEXCO, has all sorts of other skills. Hidden beneath the bug's silver skirts are obstacle-detection sensors, and a microphone housed in its antenna allow basic communication. Speech recognition software gives the bug basic conversation skills, and for those people brave enough to be seen in public talking to a three-foot high bug, it can report on local traffic conditions. First port of call for the ,000 Bug 'Bot is selected restrooms in highway service stations but, if all goes well, expect to see these giant insects in hotel bathrooms and other public areas by March 2009.

Robopet No 7

Inspired by the same technological leap that created the legendary Robosapien, the RoboPet comes complete with an entire palette of uncanny canine qualities, including the ability to walk, run, sit, lie down, stand up and roll over - he even makes barking, whimpering, growling and panting noises, just like the organic lifeforms on which he is so faithfully modeled.

King Balthor and Tetsubo Ranks No6

The radio controlled Battle Wheels warriors are giant robots in the future that rule and defended Kingdoms based on their hand-to-hand combat skills.
The warriors King Balthor and Tetsubo have two detachable weapons, armour, shield, wheel blades and head with a chest target to strike to win.

Spidersapien in the middle of the TOP

As ever with Spiderman, its his insect-like nervous system that mark him out as special. Advanced interactive reflexes enable him to respond to touch, sound and obstacles in his path. In fact, hes a robot so advanced, you could be forgiven for thinking hes human


No 4 is more than just a great toy, this is a life companion - ready to serve you. Full R/C control of movement and sounds; Speaks 7 phrases; Extendable Nose Blaster; Nose Blaster firing sound effects; Removable side panel;Lights in side panel and on back.


The 3rd place
This daft quadruped has multi-articulated legs that enable him to dash about in a thoroughly engaging way, avoiding obstacles and reacting to sound. He has three programmable personalities, 72 pre-programmed functions, 40 programmable moves, and has an infrared scanner vision system which assesses distance and obstacles.
His internal sound system blasts out a series of bizarre noises, as well as music which he dances to, accompanied by multi-colored flashing lights, and of course, unlike a puppy, he comes with a remote control unit so you can stop him running off down the stairs dragging loo paper all over the house. All in all hes the perfect, fully interactive pre-programmed pet.

Robot Goat Feeds on Broken Dreams - The 2nd place..

Gamblers at Tokyo's Edogawa Kyotei boat races have a (better?) solution than just throwing away their losing tickets. Because now, players can feed them to a robot goat. When the ticket is placed up to the goat's mouth, a sensor is tripped, cuing the goat to chomp away at finger ticket stubs. Consuming about 500 tickets a day, the robogoat is intended to bring good luck to gamblers in their next race. Not to be a buzzkill or anything, but if the mascot really worked, the goat wouldn't be eating so many tickets every day

Number 1 - Twendy-One can prepare meals & gently enslave humanity

Sure, this ET-looking robot from Japan called "Twendy-One" looks adorable, but that doesn't mean we trust it -- even if it does boast hands gentle enough to grip bread and enough smarts to respond to greetings and serve breakfast. Designer Shigeki Sugano says Twendy-One is "the first robot in the world with this much system integration," and the five-foot tall, 245-pound bot doesn't pack all that tech in there on the cheap -- several million dollars have gone into development over the past seven years. The team is hoping to get costs down to 0,000 by 2010, but first they need to extend Twendy-One's 15 minute battery life and sort out some heat issues. We're willing to give them all the time they want -- anything to delay the inevitable toast-bearing robot apocalypse.

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