Just a few details of crockery? No, the Kitchen Clock!

Dec 05, 2007
This kitchen clock really reminds an object of interior of those wooden cozy houses in the country. The clock looks retro, but unusual and sweet. It can give the best fit in a kitchen in the country or create an unforgettable atmosphere in your apartments in the city.

While looking at this kitchen clock it really carries back. Created in pastel shades it looks really soft. The whole composition, to my opinion, looks fantastic. At the first sight the idea is rather simple: a plate, a spoon and 2 handles of tea-spoons united together. But generally the gadget is nice, pleasant, and the idea is nice.

Even more style and comfort adds the big spoon that plays a role of a pendulum. The clock will decorate any wand and is perfectly for any kitchen.

As an alternative variant, the kitchen clock is a great gift for your grandparents. But I have presented this gadget to a friend of mine. She is a great housewife and estimated the gift at its true worth. Her kitchen looks even more cozy and pleasant.

Who could only think that such a nice composition would be done from a few details of crockery? The kitchen clock looks simply but tastefully at the same time.

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