November TOP 5 MP3 players

Dec 04, 2007

1 - "Tam MP3walkman" concept device

The First place of our TOP is "MP3walkman" concept device. It looks like you can add yet another designer to the list of those doing their part to make gadgets slightly more fashionable, with Vivienne Tam reportedly set to show off the above concept device at the Vivienne Tam flagship store in New York. But, there doesn't appear to be any specs to speak of, but the so-called "TAM MP3walkman" does at least look a good deal better than some previous "designer" devices we've seen, even if it's still quite a ways from a finished product. Unless Sony actually has a hand in it, however, we're guessing that name will have to change before/if it's actually released.

2 - Old gear gets steampunky new life with "Ambience Enhancer"

While it's not quite on the level of some of the steampunk gear we've seen, devientART member porkshanks' so-called "Ambience Enhancer" is at least considerably more practical than some of those previous contraptions, and it recycles some gear that would otherwise have been discarded, or has already been discarded. That bit of kit is an MP3 player that was apparently found on the ground near a bus station, which got spiffed up with some brass and leather and then got paired with a set of vintage Cannonball Empires headphones, whose innards were replaced with those from a set of some decidedly more recent Sony MDR-006 phones. The whole thing was then, naturally, made wearable with a handy wrist strap.

3 - Swarovski- Limited Edition Mplayer from iRiver

iRiver's Mplayer, the Mickey Mouse-themed music player, has been given the bling treatment just in time for Christmas. Just 500 of these glittery rodent-redolent MP3- and WMA-compatible players have been made, and they come with lanyard-style earphones.
There's 1GB storage space, and you skip songs by twisting Mickey's left ear -- exactly what I do to my "special friend" when I want him to change the TV channel. Price is 16,800¥, or around 0.

4 - Lego MP3 Player Design

Talk about modular gadgets: stuffing MP3 players inside lego cubes is about as versatile as it can get.
Alas, it's just one of those concept design renders. The nonexistent BLOC has a nonexistent 50MB of memory why do concept designs have specifications? and would sync and share music with one another if connected.
It's a great idea, so long as they are actually compatible with real Legos.

5 - Disney Mix MP3 Player

Disney is targeting kids with is new Digital Mix Stix. The Mix Sticks will be able to play MP3 and WMA files and will come with 128MB of built in memory along with an SD expansion slot that will allow your toddler to add an additional 1GB of memory. The recargable battery will play for about 8 hours and can be charged by USB. Disney is also selling other accesories to go along with the Mix Sticks such as docking stations, carrying cases and Mix Clips, which i am assuming are SD cards preloaded with Disney tunes. Start your techie kid early, you can buy them in about a month.

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