Tetris and Pong Forever Watch - style and entertainment at the same time!

Nov 20, 2007
The lovers of different novelties and interesting gadgets will highly-appreciate Tetris and Pong Forever Watch! Nowadays a lot of models of watch exist: spy watch, pathfinder solar digital watch, walkie talkie watch. Different types of design, different functions and characteristics.

But if you don't like to be bored, but it often happens, you need Tetris and Pong Forever Watch! Are you waiting for a bus? Do you have a long trip? Are you bored on a lecture? Or can't you simply fall asleep? Take this gadget and it will help you to distract, to spend time more cheerful and pleasant! The watch includes Tetris and Pong games!

If the watch has games you shouldn't think that its design is terrible, vulgar, and the watch by itself is very bulky. You would be wrong. Designed by Lysandre Follet, the watch looks sporty, stylish and unusual! At the same time there are absolutely no unnecessary buttons! The watch is surprisingly thin!

This conceptual watch has a monochrome display that both shows the time and is the field of honour between you and the little built-in computer.

These classic old games will definitely find their fans even nowadays! These are the games of our childhood which helped us to kill the time.

A romantic story is concerned with Tetris and Pong Forever Watch! A man who loves different gadgets bought this watch for himself for entertainment. He felt so much nostalgia while playing Tetris! Once he was so much carried away by the game while walking in the street that he knocked a young woman down! Everything turned out all right, but their day finished with a pleasant acquaintance and a dinner! So, distraction sometimes has positive aspects as well!

Anyway, the gadget is rather useful. People usually wear watch on their left hand, so they will play with their right hand that always does more functions than the left one!

If you are ashamed to show everyone that you like playing Tetris or Pong, you can easily keep it back! Nobody will find it out just looking at the watch! There are almost no features that there are these built-in games!

Enjoy wearing cool, stylish and modern watch and playing games and distracting at the same time!

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Jan 09, 2011 08:00 AM » posted by: Tyler

When does this come out and how much?

Nov 21, 2007 02:12 PM » posted by: zainab zahid

i is pretty much nice and very helpfun when needed

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