Books with a secret - ghosts are between us!

Nov 19, 2007
It is great that people still turn on their imagination while inventing something! Imagination, humor, originality and.. Here we are! I represent you magic books with a secret! These mystic books can impress absolutely everyone's imagination!

But it seems to me that in order to shock your friends, you should create a necessary atmosphere! How can you do it? Step one: watch a horror films with the person you would like to treat. It would be better if it is a mystic film about ghosts and deserted castles!

Step two: try to turn on as less light as it is possible! After that, when the person you want to shock goes near your bookshelf, one book slowly moves forward! Moreover, it utters rustles and sounds like a ghost!

Nice joke, isn't it? This is a funny gadget called 'books with a secret'. You put five books on the shelf near other books and this could become a shocking surprise for your guests! The book moves forward just when someone goes beside it!

My recommendation is to use this nice gadget really rationally! Sometimes the effect can be more than you even expect!

Don't try to treat this way old people and kids! In that case you will be able to spend near them all night to defend them from ghosts! I am not sure that they would believe you it was just a joke!

In other cases you can treat your guest or even send them on their way via this method! Nice joke for unexpected friends or relatives!

All in all, that is an interesting unusual gadget for people with nice sense of humor and great mood!

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