Flexopower i-Theater II - your smallest home cinema!

Nov 18, 2007
Do you like watching films? Do you watch closely the latest movies? Or do you prefer to watch any nice movie in the cinema?

Now you may have a big nice cinema screen at home, just in front of your eyes! If you don't have enough place to mount a real big screen, stereo speakers to provide the sound of the highest quality, your salvation will be i-Theater II from Flexopower.

A head-worn gadget opens new possibilities and sensations for you. Your personal video display will be even lighter than you expect. When you put i-Theater II on it means that you are in a cinema already. You will be able to enjoy a 50 inch video screen viewed from a distance of 2 meters.

In spite of the size of the video display you won't be disappointed with its quality. This gadget will definitely conquer you with the quality of viewing and a perfect sound. A 230,000 pixel screen resolution will create you the best conditions for viewing your favorite films!

I have read a lot about this gadget and I am dreaming to buy it! Imagine only a situation: you are lying on the sofa, you don't even need to raise yourself a little to watch a film! All you have to do is to connect the i-Theater II to any video source!

That's not all! You may take this gadget everywhere with you. It will help you to make your trip shorter and more pleasant! It guarantees you the best way of watching videos or movies anywhere you are! Take your "cinema" everywhere with you! The point is, that i-Theater II from Flexopower can be connected even to your iPod. So, that means that it is portable and gives you the possibility to watch a movie with great comfort even sitting in a car, bus or train. You don't need to strain your eyesight trying to define every detail while watching a film on your iPod.

It is a new generation of video screens! I think it was made special for lazy people who really appreciate the quality but prefer staying at home, not going to the cinema. I can understand them: you may preview any film at any time, sitting in your favorite sofa, take a drink and junk food and enjoy yourself.

Vivid colors, excellent quality, the best comfort of film preview - this is what you need i-Theater II from Flexopower for!

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