Tok Tak - unpleasantly surprises and disappoints!

Nov 15, 2007

I have written articles about different MP3 players. All of them had their own raisins. Some of them had much internal memory; others rendered you the highest quality of sound; still others included all these aspects and a cute design.

Now it seems to me that the creators of MP3 players absolutely don't know what else they may invent! The latest novelty is Tok Tak - one of the smallest and the simplest MP3 players! It is so small, that it is hard even to understand what this is.

Your first thoughts can be the following: the player is so small, it must be rather comfortable and almost imperceptible, I would like to buy it! But wait a minute.. Its size is really small, almost as your little finger! But the wire from the earphones is very short. Do you think it is great, because the wires won't be tangled? Yes, that is its only advantage. But imagine that this 'little finger' will be dangling under your chin, somewhere in the area of your shoulder!

Imagine how you would look while listening to the Tok Tak. I don't think that people in the streets will understand that it is your small, stylish and modern MP3 player dangling under your chin. You will be able to receive hundreds of provident reminders that you have forgotten your MP3 player and you are walking just with your earphones on.

You may say, that it is not a problem to buy other earphones! But I will answer you, that it is a problem! It has no compatibility with usual earphones! Its earphones should have had mimi-jack, but everything there was done visa versa! There is a question: is it the idea of the creators or just confusion? So, you must have an adapter to connect another pair of earphones! That is too complicated for such player..

But this is not the full list of the Tok Tak disadvantages.
There goes a base for its charging. The base is five times bigger than the MP3 player!
In addition to this list I should pay your attention to the point that it is still a question how long its accumulator will work without charging. Then, such small gadgets always have not the highest sound quality and not much internal memory.

A riddle is waiting for you! Try to guess where there are control buttons! I think it is almost useless to add that it is absolutely uncomfortable for men and people with big fingers!

It seems to me that, as a rule, every new gadget is created for our comfort and pleasure. Nowadays MP3 players have an excellent sound quality, much memory and nice design. The Tok Tak has a lot of disadvantages that won't let you buy it. It seems to me that the creators should pay more attention on working out new functions, design of MP3 players to surprise and impress us, but not disappoint!

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May 14, 2009 06:53 PM » posted by: jon

At this size, why not simply attach it to a single ear piece and eliminate both the cord and the jack all together. The weight of the new earpiece would probably be even lighter, would not flop around your neck, and it would allow you to do something else with your other ear(self contained ear bud and voice activated cell phone anyone).

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