Something special from Fred de Garilhe!

Nov 14, 2007
There appeared an exotic luxury gadget and left very exciting emotions! It is absolutely incredible! At once it is even hard to say what it is! You just see a pretty, glamorous trinket! After a minute you understand that it is an outstanding flash card! Nowadays even a flash card underlines your individuality, taste and style! The USbijoux was created and designed by Fred de Garilhe for modern, daring and bright personalities!

It looks like jewelry! Can you believe that this USbijoux is made of white or yellow gold, ostrich or black alligator leather, with blue, pink or green sapphire diamond! The most expensive and magnificent materials were used for the USbijoux.

Notice, that it is not all. There is something more, that really amazes. The USbijoux has a little lock and a key to give you the possibility to hide your private information and keep it safe! You can keep the key attached to the flash card in order not to lose it. It is very providently. You may ask me why! If I want to keep the information "locked", I shouldn't keep the key together with the USbijoux! The point is that this sapphire diamond decorates the little key. I don't think you would risk it!

You may think that such fashionable and glamorous gadgets are absolutely not functional. Yes, it is a widely distributed occurrence. But.. LV USB Design by Fred de Garilhe has a 40 GB memory. More than enough, don't you think so? But everyone understands that the USbijoux would be bought for its unique design, even if it had 512 MB memory.

There are four different versions of the design of these flashes. Two of them include even digital and mechanical clock. What was this detail designed for? It seems to me that this is one more reason to use the flash card, take it out of your bag or purchase and show it to everyone. The motivation is simple: you want to find out what time is at the moment!

If the designer created this motive for you to show off your little but expensive work of art, so that is one more motive for you to buy it!

I would like to pay your attention on the fact that LV USB looks rather laconic, but stylish, expensive and absolutely not vulgar! LV USB Design by Fred de Garilhe was created for real connoisseurs of jewelry and art.

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