Datamancer's Steampunk Laptop - a work of art

Nov 13, 2007
Nowadays people focus a lot of their attention on style, fashion. Every detail in their lives is modern, glamorous and attracts much attention. But for all that, every person is absolutely individual. With the help of such details and accessories people emphasize their ingenuousness.

Back to retro! This almost magic Victorian music box can be a part of your individuality. It hides a great and unexpected thing inside. This is Datamancers Steampunk Laptop. It looks really unusual, fashionable and amazing, isn't it? This gadget really excites and impresses!

Look, every detail in this laptop is perfectly-thought; every detail is a work of art! Datamancer's Steampunk Laptop totally retain its retro style!

The antiqued copper keyboard and mouse look like you got them by right of succession from your grand-grand mother! The laptop has a clock-winding key, not to let you to forget it's a retro gadget! What is that for? Hmm.. A little surprise is waiting for you: the power switch is hidden, I hope you'll find it! There is a little prompting: you will definitely need the clock-winding key to turn it on and off!

It seems to me that having Datamancer's Steampunk Laptop is a kind of responsibility. It is even scary to touch the buttons, because everything looks so nice, cute and.. ancient! You have to press a little brass button to open the DVD-ROM. The button looks like a lock on a casket!

When the laptop is closed you can observe clockwork under the glass. Thanks to that great innovation, the laptop looks fascinating.

Datamancer's Steampunk Laptop runs both Windows XP and Ubuntu Linux. Then, you may enjoy customized wireless network card.

I think that its owner will be proud to have such an unusual retro laptop! But it was created for the people who are not afraid to be in the centre of attention!

Datamancer has introduced us something new, outstanding - an incredible work of art.

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