Big Screen Car DVD Player 1 Din - a car entertainment center from China!

Nov 10, 2007
Do you like driving and traveling by car? Then, this gadget is exactly for you!

Entertain yourself and everyone in your car! Single Din car DVD player with extra large 4.2 Inch TFT LCD Screen from China guarantee you the whole spectrum of entertainment in your car! It is absolutely what you need!

This car DVD player is all-in-one! The creators have added something more for you than just a DVD player. A modern person is very practical and provident nowadays! Arent you? Why should you buy a CD player with FM and AM tuner, a TV tuner, a DVD player for your car to make your road more interesting and jolly? This gadget includes all these functions to give you merry mood and make your trip easier!

Children dont always transmit long trips by car well. Different pills dont always help to feel themselves better. Moreover, children start moaning, annoying It is understandable, because they are bored. But modern technologies allow you to make from a long trip pleasure, especially for your kids!

Turn them a cartoon or a film on and let them enjoy the trip! This gadget allows you to listen to music or watch videos if you want.

Im sure that not only your kids will love traveling by car, but your friends and relatives as well! Your trip will bring you pleasure and your way will seem shorter!

The extra large LCD screen can be detached if necessary! Dolby digital audio decoder guarantees you the most comfortable film viewing! If you buy this Car DVD Player it means that you get a car entertainment center! The quality of the screen and the sound are excellent. You will be able to enjoy the highest level of viewing.

But! I would like to warn you that if you are a driver, you should be very attentive and careful while driving! Be watchful because your life is more important than a video or a movie! I bet you have just one pair of eyes, not two pairs, so you cant watch the movie and the road at the same time! This DVD player is perfect for you passengers. But your mission is to drive carefully and just listen. Dont look at the screen even if someone suddenly screams in the movie! I guarantee you, the actor will be fine!

The gadget is great! Enjoy your trips and make them even longer and better! Have fun and travel a lot!

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Oct 23, 2008 08:01 AM » posted by: pradeep

it is a very good thing

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