Covert Wireless Spy Camera Alarm Clock control and have fun!

Nov 08, 2007
A friend of mine has a six-year-old daughter. So, he has found a nanny for her. But my friend has always dreamed to be a perfect daddy for his daughter! He wanted to be sure that the nanny is really nice and attends to his daughter's needs! He has bought Covert Wireless Spy Camera Alarm Clock with Receiver! Sounds strange, isn't it?

Let me explain you. This usual alarm clock hides something incredible inside itself! A little spy camera! It's almost invisible, like in a spy film! If you place it correctly, you will be able to view and control a whole standard size room. That's what my friend has done!

A high quality wireless receiver displays the picture and records the images onto a TV! The gadget is wireless, that's very important, because that would be strange to see an alarm clock with many wires coming from it! That's for a bad spy!

Thanks to included wireless remote control you can turn the camera on and off being in the other room. As you see, everything is well-thought!

In the evening the father of the six-year-old daughter decided to see what the nanny and his kid had been doing during the day! As he saw, everything was great: they were playing, reading, drawing, eating.. But suddenly the video recording started showing just the same images: his little daughter's face, very close to the screen, making faces and being naughty! It turned out that she had noticed this little camera hidden in the alarm clock. She thought herself an actress and decided to have fun!

I hope that your little spy gadget won't be noticed! On the one hand, it can help you to control your home or office and watch what is going on there. But on the other hand, it is perfect for having fun!

You can put your spy alarm clock everywhere you like and be almost sure that the camera won't be noticed. The source of power of the clock is the simplest: one AA battery! The quality of sound and video is very nice! The receiver has a channel scan and a channel skip for multiple cameras! Add some more cameras if you need!

Invent your own reasons what do you need Covert Wireless Spy Camera Alarm Clock with Receiver for! Control your relatives, friends, lovers, co-workers or just your property!

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Nov 12, 2007 04:51 PM » posted by: visitorS

great gadget!!! i really liked it! can i spy after my wife??

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