Mira Ball - impresses your imagination and attracts your attention!

Nov 06, 2007
There are so many gadgets nowadays! On the one hand it seems like there are so many ways to surprise and impress our friends with different interesting things and presents! But on the other hand people have become so modern and they are very well-informed! It's interesting for them to find out about different gadgets and novelties, that's why our efforts to shock and surprise are not always successful!

But this gadget, according to my opinion, can impress everyone's imagination! On this globe, like on a fortuneteller's globe, appear texts, pictures, cartoons!

First of all don't be afraid that you may have any problems with its installation! Thanks to included CD you will be able to enjoy your new gadget in some minutes!

Mira Ball will impress you and your kids! If they behave themselves badly, turn them the Ball on and you will be able to rest a little in the silence! The gadget is really incredible and looks almost impossible!

But there is one more direction for its use! Advertising.. I'm sure you have seen almost the same, but enlarged, advertisements in the streets. So, take your chance! You may have this one on your table in your office! There are so many ways to turn it to account! Turn on your imagination and use it as advertisement! Its biggest advantage is that it really attracts everyone's attention!

Of course, you should understand that Mira Ball doesn't guarantee you the highest quality of displaying. The length of messages is up to 30 symbols. Its internal memory for display is 4 MB.

All in all, I would like to say that this gadget can become either your advertisement or a decoration in your room, a nice interesting present or just a thing for the good of your soul!

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