A novelty from Oregon: projected time onto the ceiling!

Nov 02, 2007
You can have an alarm clock from Oregon on your table that projects the time at night! Just push the button and the time will be projected onto the ceiling! Looks really incredible! Someone can compare this alarm clock with alarm from a spy film, but I would prefer to compare it with a magic genie that gets out from his lamp. I hope you have read different Arabian tales about genies in the bottles in your childhood.

Girls can imagine that a little genie gets out of the clock to show them the time, but boys can feel themselves spies!

Actually, that's the function that distinguishes Oregon Scientific alarm clock from other alarms. It also has a date calendar. I think that there is a little incompleteness. The matter, in essence, is the following: I think that the clock shouldn't just project the time, but even tell you the time and the date if you need. Sometimes it's very hard to open your eyes at night or early morning. But it's often necessary to know the time in such situations. Rather handy function, don't you think so?

If we imagine this alarm clock as a spy attribute, I think that would be great if you could record reminding and tasks for yourself. Imagine that your wife goes shopping and records a reminding for you. At 12 o'clock you suddenly hear your wife's voice telling you not to forget to feed your dog. Does it sound like a real spy command?

If you'd prefer to imagine yourself in the Arab countries, that would be nice to hear a pleasant Arabic melody in the morning, not an ordinary alarm sound.

All in all, the alarm clock is really interesting. It can become a wonderful gift to anyone! Especially if you don't know what to present!

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