Pretty and cute decision-maker!

Nov 01, 2007
"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the prettiest of them all?" I have to disappoint you; it's not modern any more. "Unazukin, Unazukin, am I the smartest (bravest, strongest, most beautiful, etc.) of them all?" - that's actual nowadays! Surprise your friends and lovers! Unazukin gives the answers to your questions! If you treat it well, Unazukin will always support you and your opinion!

Unazukin also helps you to make right decisions. Such helper can become irreplaceable, don't you think so? When you ask a question your little Unazukin will always take part in reaching different decisions. The point is that the person always knows the answer to the questions he asks himself. The majority of people are irresolute, they are always afraid to take responsibility for their decisions! But this funny Unazukin will help them to make a final decision!

Hey, girls, it can be very handy for you! Take Unazukin with you while shopping! It's useless to take your girlfriends with you! They can't be adequate because of rivalry. Everyone wants to be the prettiest, the most stunning and fascinating! But your Unazukin is a passionless helper. It wants you to be the best. Just ask it if you should buy that new skirt and don't even doubt about taken decisions!

Guys, are you not sure if you should ask Mary for a date? Unazukin will say a definite yes (two nods)! After all, Mary has bought a new skirt and she looks so pretty!

A friend of mine has found very interesting method to use Unazukin with great effect! He invited his girlfriend to a restaurant to offer his hand! There was very cozy, chamber orchestra was playing beautiful instrumental music, their table was surrounded by flowers.. So, the atmosphere was great! Then the young man took Unazukin and put it on the table. Then he offered his hand and presented her a wedding ring! Actually, the girl didn't have any doubts, but Unazukin confirmed with two nods that the girl had made the right decision!

But.. I don't recommend you totally to rely on Unazukin.. Don't take serious decisions just with its help. You'd better ask advice from your secretary or colleague. Unazukin just helps you to feel yourself more confident and have fun with your friends! So, don't forget about people who can advice you something more and correct you, but not just nod their heads! Make different surprises and shock everyone! I'd like to tell you that there are a lot of different ways to play Unazukin up! You need just a little imagination and then you can make fun of everybody!

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