Top 5 the most queer gadgets!

Oct 25, 2007
All the gadgets that got to my "top 5 the most queer gadgets" are the gadgets that can become a funny gift or a friendly jest! These gadgets can't be perceived seriously! But they bring nice emotions, good mood and smiles on our faces!

Number 5 is Breathalyzer Alcohol Tester with LCD Display.
It can become a nice joke and a nice way to fool. I'm not sure that you ever buy such tester for yourself. Would you make fun of your friends? Be careful, the person you buy it for must have a really nice sense of humor, try not to hurt someone's feelings!

Breathalyzer Alcohol Tester will test you before you go outside or even come home late after a party! The creators consider that every person should know his degree of intoxication. You can agree with them or not... If you blow for 5 seconds the tester will pin-point and display your BAC and g/l. Especially for you, the Alcohol Tester will show you the exact time not to lag behind the times!

The 4 position takes Dead Fred Pen Tidy.
Are you stressed? Have some problems? Is someone annoying and disturbing you? On the one hand, you are a modern, well-educated person; you should have control over yourself and stay calm. But on the other hand, you should splash out your stress and emotions.

Enter your office or room and stab repeatedly Dead Fred in the chest with your writing pen or pencil! You can do it a few times, imagine that Fred represents all your problems and annoying people! Swear, scream and stab it as many times as you need to calm down! Then, leave your pen or pencil there and continue your day with a smile on your face! Dead Fred is a pen holder and it will be waiting for you to stab it some more times!

Number 3 is Puppy Dog Webcam.
If a usual web camera is not enough for you, buy a Puppy Dog Webcam! As an example, if you are talking via web camera and microphone it will bring you more pleasure to look at a nice little puppy than at a usual webcam. Its design is very lovely! A cute and fluffy dog will be sitting on your computer.

Using this webcam you will be able to have a video conference and take photos! With the help of this webcam you'll have the possibility to be closer to your friends. But this sweet puppy will be a nice attribute in your room! It is a rather actual gift for a kid, a teenager or your lover.

The honorable second place takes Recordable Parrot Wireless Doorbell.
Simply install this Parrot Wireless doorbell and record congratulation for your friend, relative or lover! It can become the greatest surprise for Birthday, the St. Valentine's Day or another holiday!

Every time someone comes and rings your doorbell, a nice green parrot will be congratulating the person! In ordinary days the Parrot can give a bird song or reproduce other prerecorded sounds! Such doorbell looks really nice and interesting! A very important remark is that the doorbell is wireless. No problems and difficulties with its installation!

The most queer and lovely gadget that is number one today is Foot Shaped Digital Photo Frame!
It is a keychain accessory! Nice, little and compact digital photo frame that you can carry everywhere with you! 8 MB of internal memory allow you to transfer a few of your favorite photos! It is not modern and actual nowadays to carry different photos in your purchase! But the foot shaped digital photo frame will display your greatest photos and bring you sweet memories! Isn't it nice? That is a wonderful gift for anyone!

Save your photos and make a surprise for anyone you want! The most universal and sweet gift ever! It doesn't take much place but will be definitely highly appreciated! Give it as a present and buy that one for yourself! Its shape is really funny. But the 1.1 Inch full color LCD Screen at 96x64 resolution will display all your photos!

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