Magic Mathmos Mini Lamps

Oct 24, 2007
Sometimes our stressful life needs a little magic and romance. A little warmth and calmness for your soul is what you really need after a hard working day.. No cigarettes, no alcohol, no pills Just sit in you favorite sofa or armchair, turn on a soft magic light and relax..

I know what kind of lamps will help you to create magic and enchanting atmosphere for kids in their room, will help you to have a rest and relax or to surprise your precious person! Mathmos Mini Lamp is really lovely attribute in your room!

The lamp cycles through 9 colors, the light is really soft and not annoying. You can make your baby stop crying by showing him a magic mini lamp. It changes its colors like a little firefly in a fairy forest. This little lamp will be protecting your kid's sleep.

Should I tell you that Mathmos mini lamps will be appreciated by your passion? They would whisper the person you love that you care about him or her and that you want to surprise and impress.

I would like to warn you: don't get angry when you don't find a button switch, don't even try to find it! As in a fairy tale you can turn the mini lamp on and off just with a light gentle touch on the top of it! I really appreciated the inventiveness of the creators! Oh, by the way, the lamp can be used as a cordless light in your apartment.

This nice and uncomplicated at first sight gadget hides a lot of charm! It creates the necessary atmosphere; it will be highly appreciated both by adults and kids!

I have noticed the following changes happening to me when I turn on the lamp: it makes my mood better, regulates the state of my mind and reminds me that there are a lot of ideas how to resolve some problems flying in the air!

Nice and lovely present for little children, lovers and just friends! Let this mini lamp be your love shining in the darkness..

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