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Oct 18, 2007
Some time ago I visited my aunt and her family. When I came to them I saw such situation: my little ten-year-old cousin was sitting on the sofa disappointed and was definitely sulky with her mom. As it turned out in some minutes, the point was that my cousin was given Girl Tech Digi Makeover as a gift. Little girl didn't even manage to play with it when her mom discovered for herself that Girl Tech Digi Makeover is a really nice style station at home!

Can you imagine, after some time we all were sitting, plying with it and having fun! This gadget both distracts and is of use!

Psychologists recommend changing your style if everything in your life goes wrong, or if you are in low spirits. Its easy to say that, isn't it? I am afraid that in the state of depression your desires to change your style can be too extravagant It is better to get know first if your new style suits you! That is what Girl Tech Digi Makeover was created for!

Don't be afraid, the screen you see is just interactive touch pad with built-in digital camera. You take your pictures and plug them into your TV! So, a big screen is guaranteed! It takes just some minutes... After that you can enjoy changing your styles, colors of your hair, make-up and accessories!

For example, you are a brown-haired person, but you have always dreamed to be blonde like Paris Hilton! No problems, but don't spoil you hair! Girl Tech Digi Makeover will help you too feel yourself blonde for a moment! Isn't that great? No risk, just an incredible transformation!

Who knows, maybe it's time for you to cut your hair and change your color, or you will make sure that your appearance is ideal and there is no necessity to change anything! Anyway, Girl Tech Digi Makeover brings just positive emotions!

This gadget can be a really nice present for a teenager! But I have seen an example when adults were enjoying themselves even more than children... Whoops... It was me.

But I'm afraid that your child can make a decision to change cardinal its style! So, you'd better not buy such present for it if you are not ready yet to allow your child to cut its hair or change its color.

All in all, this style station is really great! I am sure it will attract everyone's attention and take a lot of your free time... But don't forget its your child's gadget!

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Aug 18, 2010 01:30 AM » posted by: sekai

i want this for my birthday.

Mar 09, 2008 01:33 AM » posted by: jessica

hii i saw your add and i thought that this is soo cool i've always wanted to see how i'll look with different styles i'm just wandering where can i find it and how much does it cost?

Dec 18, 2007 09:11 PM » posted by: Stace81

I've seen this all over & always thought to myself, wouldn't it be cool for them to make one for adults? I mean it'd be silly for me to buy a "toy" meant for little girls right?
Well I'm glad to know I'm not the only adult who feels that they would (and do!) enjoy this. I may be turning 27 next month but either way I'm still a girl (and thankfully I only have a 2 1/2 yr. old son lol)
Thanks for your review!

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