A surprise in an egg!

Oct 17, 2007
It was a nice warm sunny day. I was walking down the street when suddenly my attention was attracted by an egg on the ground. Its size was bigger than its usual size. I was a little surprised but really interested in it. I have decided to take it with me, why not?

I have cracked the top and discovered that it was thick with something. In a minute it turned out it was soil. I started to water it regularly and.. guess what! A nice beautiful Petunia has grown up in some months!

My congratulations! Now you don't have to search for such eggs in the streets! You can just buy such Egglings in a gadget shop! Your friends or relatives will be shocked at first when they get as a present from you a ceramic egg. But it can be an awesome gift with a surprise with delayed action! If you take a little care of it and put it in the light place in some months an amazing plant will grow up and will be pleasing your eyes and make your mood much better!

It was scientifically proved that plants and flowers in our rooms positively influence peoples health and the state of our souls! So, think about a "healthy" present for your friends! Unfortunately, usual flowers wither too soon. They will make you happy just for some days, but Egglings can become a nice long-lasting memory from you for a person. My personal advice is that when a plant grows up youd better transplant it in a bigger capacity. It will grow even more beautiful.

The plant that grows up in such Eggling can be Petunia, Basil, Phlox, Italian Parsley or Thyme!

As a variant, you can make such gift for a child in order to develop its responsibility. It will be able to take care of it, water it and, as scientists advice us, talk to it in order to grow up quickly and better.

One more little advice! Please, dont even try to boil Eggling or fry! You will spoil everything in that case and the most important point is that you wont be able to satisfy your hunger! This egg will look much better on you window-sill, believe me!

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