A real weather station from Modena on your table!

Sep 17, 2007
What are these nice racing tires on my table? This is Oregon Scientific Modena. It's not a souvenir or a toy. It is a weather station! A real weather station in your room or office that gives you the most exact and detailed information about the weather outside. Have you noticed, that the weather forecast that is shown on TV or translated on the radio are not always accurate? Now you are able to have your own little weather station at home! It doesn't take much place but gives you all the information you need.

First of all it displays such general information as indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity, atmosphere pressure. But it is not enough for a modern person! This weather station from Modena has much more to offer you.!

For the drivers (aged people and women who are wearing high-heeled shoes) this little station shows the state of the pavement. It's great when you know if it's damp, slippery or chilly outside. Your scientific station can keep in its memory maximum or minimum indices of the temperature! I think that aged people will like this function! When it's too cold or too hot outside they like saying that it's the highest or the lowest temperature ever. But with the help of this function they will know exactly whether they are right or not!

Then, your personal weather station has the comfort level indicator based on temperature and humidity and displays recent temperature changes!

As a pleasant bonus this weather station has RF clock, calendar, alarm. Moreover, you can choose your alarm sound between unusual Ferrari racing engine sound or standard beep.

I would like to say that the weather station can become a very practical present for aged people who should always know at least the temperature and the atmosphere pressure. It is very important for them. Anyway, this gadget can be useful for everyone! The person who has exact information about everything can always control the situation. Moreover, it will look nice and stylish in your office or at home!

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Oct 08, 2007 12:04 AM » posted by: guest

Damn...smth strange happens on your blog!whatsup guys???

Sep 18, 2007 06:52 PM » posted by: Kim


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