New stylish phone for everyone from Samsung!

Sep 13, 2007
First the most glamorous and stylish mobile phone was worked out by Nokia. Female part of the population really liked Nokia 7310! It looked really great and fantastic! Of course, it had some imperfections, but the design was impressive! The majority of little disadvantages of this model were improved in Nokia 7373.

The appearance of Samsung SGH-X830 is the answer to the "glamorous and fashionable" Nokia collection! This little and very compact mobile phone really impresses imagination! It unites an excellent design and the most necessary functions! Of course, a modern mobile phone can't become very popular if it doesn't have something unique and unusual! Believe me, it has a lot of advantages!

First of all, it unites very comfortable menu of Samsung mobile phones. But... looking at this mobile phone I could buy it at least for its design!!! This phone has a so-called swivel design, that is still unusual for mobile phones and makes it really extravagant! One more "fresh" addition is a wheel for navigation. Moreover, you will be able to get used to its two-column number pad, but it's really easy and handy!

I can tell you with certainty that it is really "attacts" Nokia. There are some visible distinctions between these models.

I can tell you that in contrast to Nokia, Samsung paid a lot of attention to such detail as internal memory of the phone. Do you think it will be quite enough 1 GB of internal memory for all your favorite music, videos and pictures?! I hope so! This ultra-fashion mobile phone can become your little Ipod, because there is more than enough place for all your songs! Unfortunately, the life of the battery is not long enough, but it guarantees you 3 hours of enjoyment while listening to the music!

You may think that if the company has added so much internal memory, the phone can be considered just as an MP3 player, and the camera leaves much to be desired... You are wrong! A 1.3 Mega Pixel camera makes wonderful pictures.

One more unquestioning novelty is the spectrum of colours! Your mobile phone can be very gaudy and attract everyone's attention or just black or gray... It is up to you! But it is really great that this mobile phone can be used either by men or women. It will look awesome in hands of a glamorous stylish young girl or it can be perfect for a teenager.

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