Supra Plus Wireless Monuaral - connection of the highest quality!

Aug 25, 2007
Nowadays is highly appreciated wireless connection of a high quality! Employees don't prefer to keep telephone receiver in their arms! Now it looks really useless and strange when there are a lot of resolutions of that problem! One of them is Supra Plus Wireless Monuaral. This Professional Headset System can be the best variant for your office! Let's see, what does a nice wireless headset system need to become ideal specifically for you?

First of all, if you need such system, it means that you will be wearing it almost all your working day! Thats why you should feel the comfort while carrying it on your head. The design of this garniture is the most suitable and comfortable for you!

Its very necessary that you can walk up to 100 meters from the desk phone! It guarantees you much more mobility.

Moreover, there can be more additional headsets using the same SupraPlus Wireless base! So, your colleagues can wear their own headsets, but only one person can talk on the phone.

The main possibility that Supra Plus Wireless Monuaral gives you is that your hands are free, you can continue your work or a task, you can move in your office, take a document or a pencil, look in the window and just stretch your legs .

Of course, Supra Plus Wireless Monuaral has a Noise-Canceling function, so the person on the phone wont hear too many background sounds.

Supra Plus Wireless Monuaral is for daily use! It guarantees you up to 10 hours a day wireless talks on the phone! And it needs just 3 hours for a full charge. The charging base is rather compact and wont take much place on your working table. Ideal variant for your business!

Touching a button on the speaker you can control the volume, answer or reject calls.
One more detail, Supra Plus Wireless Monuaral is very light and compact, so it wont look like a big something on your head.

What do you need Supra Plus Wireless Monuaral for? The point is, that wearing such garniture will allow your office workers do their work faster and better. They wont lose time talking on the phone, then going and looking for something, then coming back again and continue the talk. I think that your clients and partners wouldnt like to hear on the phone every 10 minutes: Wait a minute please, this contract is in my bookcase, so I should look for it, and I cant hold the phone, Oh, hold a second, I should sign a paper, or call me back in a minute, etc. Your colleagues and clients will certainly appreciate your professionalism and care about them!

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