SmartGlobe Deluxe learning is fun!

Aug 22, 2007
Nowadays the majority of parents and teachers understand that their children shouldnt just play, have fun and enjoy themselves! Everyone is trying to buy for their kids a smart toy! The best variant is when a child plays, but at the same time finds out something new, useful and interesting for itself!

SmartGlobe Deluxe looks just like typical globe! But often globes are just standing on someones tables and get dusty! Believe me, it is not going to happen with SmartGlobe Deluxe! It is a toy and a teacher at the same time! You will certainly enjoy playing and studying with it! Its biggest advantage is, that it attracts attention of children from the age 5 up to.. Adults are always having fun and pleasant emotions while playing with it! The smart pen will be your magic wand and guide in the world of knowledge!

First of all, you can be sure, that the globe is not going to be broken! For the most active children the globe rotates both vertically and horizontally. The globe looks very bright, colorful and attractive for children! I can assure you that soon they wont be able to tear themselves away from it! You know, for your children after a week or two playing SmartGlobe Deluxe it wont be a problem to beat you!

SmartGlobe Deluxe has a lot of interesting and useful functions and games available! If you touch with the smart pen any country on the globe it will tell all the main information about it: population, national language, currency, etc. Do you think its boring? Oh, no! Just another touch and SmartGlobe Deluxe tells you the latest news about the country, some historical events, the most unbelievable and amazing facts about the country and flags from around the world with corresponding national anthems! Your child can use all this knowledge at school and share the information with his friends!
Does your kid ask you what time it is now in Chili or how long he should walk up to France? Not a problem! You can easily compare two countries in different terms, such as, exchanging rate, time difference, area, population, etc.

It is of no small importance, that you can test your children or yourself on geographical knowledge! Do you know all the capitals and the location of all countries? If not, you still have a possibility to find out! If your knowledge is perfect, have a quiz or even a test against your friends! There can be up to 4 participants at the same time! For the detailed knowledge and games there is included the map of the USA.

Luckily, this gadget is one big virtue! It was perfectly made for learning and entertaining! As we know, political situations, interesting events, even currency often change in different countries! Thats why, using your PC you will be able to download weekly updates of interesting information, news, facts, events!

SmartGlobe Deluxe is an unbelievable gadget! 6 activities are available in Spanish! Moreover, it includes 6 additional alternate language options!

The toy is almost perfect. I think that there is almost no need to add, that there are 3 levels for different groups of people, volume control, the possibility to use your earphones and it can work with the help of batteries or AC adapter.

This smart toy can be taken in a trip, at school, almost everywhere for having fun and learning interesting things! SmartGlobe Deluxe can be a perfect present for children from ages 5 and up! It develops thought, attention, knowledge, rivalry and desire to know and find out more and more!

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Aug 23, 2007 01:48 PM » posted by: Guest

Wow, Is it a real globe?? It is great!I have a child, It seems he likes geography.. Where Can I buy this "smart" toy?

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