Wacom Intuos3 9X12 USB Tablet - an art studio on your table

Aug 20, 2007
Working with Adobe Photoshop (or Corel Painter for example), arent you dreaming sometimes to take a pen in your hand and make a few deft touches and corrections or even radical changes without your clumsy mouse? To create an excellent art work or to edit your photos professionally you need a lot of software applications. Unfortunately, it often takes much time and leaves much to be desired.

Wacom Intuos3 9X12 USB Tablet is going to be your magic wand. It will become an irreplaceable helper for the most prestigious professions of nowadays. If you are a professional photographer or just a digital media student, an architect or a painter, a designer or an illustrator, or just a creative personality you will definitely find everything you need for your job or hobby in Wacom Intuos3 9X12 USB Tablet.

Imagine, that you can edit or create with a pen using the best computer technologies. But nothing disturbs you from creating process; everything is made for your convenience!

Working with Wacom Intuos3 USB Tablet you will feel all the effect of over 100 leading software applications! An intuos pen, mouse, and tablet will allow you to feel much more comfort while working and, as a result, an extraordinary work of art!

My opinions is, that except the majority of incontrovertible advantages that Wacom Intuos3 USB Tablet has, its most comfortable advantage is that you can pay attention on details. Intuitive interface was made exactly for it. Zooming and scrolling your picture or photo you will be able to create something incredible, because details finally create the image of your work. Pen tablet will help you with your creative activity. All the actions you will be making on the tablet will be exactly and precisely done on the screen. Moreover, you will have the possibility to control pressure-sensitive.

USB lets you to move around a bit, its an important and handy detail.
Speaking about the size, I would like to say that 9X12 is the best one for a perfect fit. Generally, it is still compact, but actually it gives you more possibilities. Anyway, you can always limit the area up to 4x5 or 6x8 if you need. Bu t if you have for example Wacom Intuos3 4X5 USB Tablet it will be a problem for you to find some more space for your art work on the screen. That size is rather suitable for the wide and small movements. The size 9x12 of the tablet wont be awkward for people who are used to carry a portfolio or big maps.

To be honest, the users notice that it is better and easier to use a regular mouse on the side. But this point doesnt decrease irrefutable values of Wacom Intuos3 9X12 USB Tablet.

I am sure that the professionals will appreciate Wacom Intuos3 9X12 USB Tablet at its true value.

There are a lot of invisible details that you will feel while working. But one of the visible conveniences is that Wacom Intuos3 9X12 USB Tablet is cordless and battery free. It gives you the best level of control.

I hope you have noticed that every detail was made just for your convenience.
You shouldnt forget that Wacom Intuos3 USB Tablet saves your precious time. It allows you to finish your work as soon as it is possible in some minutes, not wasting half of the day!

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Aug 23, 2007 01:53 PM » posted by: Andy

But what will happen with Wacom Intuos3 9X12 USB Tablet if I suddenly pour some of my fovourite coffee on it..Can I wash it?

Aug 21, 2007 02:08 PM » posted by: guest

hmm..Wacom Intuos3 9X12 USB Tablet - it impresses..

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