Antistress - Cursing punch-ball

Aug 18, 2007
There are some holidays when you should congratulate and give some presents for your co-workers. It's not a big problem to make a little present or a surprise for anybody. Everyone will definitely appreciate your attention and taste. The present can be symbolic and it can make your relationship just better.

But you boss needs a present as well It often happens that the boss is man. What kind of present should you give to your boss? Remember, he is not you co-worker. He is your boss! The present shouldnt be too personal, because you dont know very well his taste. But it also cant be a bar of coffee. Your present should represent you and your attitude to your boss. If you like your boss the best present that you can make for him is to help him to deal with stress.

Our life is very stressful. I dont advice you to make excessive use of antidepressant medicines. Your health needs your care! The best way to deal with your stress is sport and Antistress Cursing punch-ball! Sounds great, isnt it?! And works it even better than sounds!

If even the beginning of the day has been quite stressful and the day is going to be bad stop for a moment, vent your anger on antistress Cursing punch-ball, then make a deep breath and continue your day, forgetting your problems and unpleasant thoughts!

If you dont want to see your boss cursing, make him such present and let him curse with the punch-ball! The point is that with every punch the punch-ball answers you in the same way! It knows some nice abusive words! You can have a really good quarrel with the punch-ball! For boss, its better to curse with the punch-ball, than with your subordinate workers. At least he wont be able to apologize in front of his subordinates after everything he has told! The punch-ball will forgive him anyway!

For every your hit it will tell you a nice phrase! If everything goes wrong , and all the colleagues are doing nothing but talking, someone has scratched a little your car and your mobile phone suddenly turned off and doesnt want to turn on antistress Cursing punch-ball will help you to survive in that very stressful situation!

You can hit it as long as you desire! Let your anger and problems go away and never come back! You can curse and answer your punch-ball everything you want, it wont remember and obligatory will forgive you. All your problems youd better vent on your antistress Cursing punch-ball, than on your innocent workers.

Dart boards are not popular nowadays! The antistress Cursing punch-ball is what you really need. All the phrases that antistress Cursing punch-ball will tell you are well-know all over the world. The creators have collected the best abusive phrases from your favorite american action-films! Unfortunately, the only language it knows is English! But this language is international, so everyone should understand! I think that the creators should have thought about an antistress Cursing punch-ball for girls and women. Female part of population shouldnt listen such phrases. It can say something like: Ouch! Whoops! It hurts! No, no, no! Dont touch me again! Forgive me, Im yours!, etc. Even women have a lot of sources for stress.

I would like to notice, that such present can be useful for students (they have enough stress), fans (if his favorite team play badly), drivers (they have a lot of difficult situations while driving), etc.

Moreover, its absolutely not right when you come home after a hard day having anger inside! Youd better hit your antistress Cursing punch-ball as long as you want, tell it everything you want and go home, leaving your problems behind! But if you come home being angry, it will cause problems with your wife (husband), children, parents, friends. Everyone will be irritating you even doing nothing wrong!

Forget about your stress and problems with antistress Cursing punch-ball! Smile, laugh and be the way you are!

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