Walkie Talkie Watch "Freetalker" - play and control!

Aug 17, 2007
It looks like the using of cordless technologies in communication is developing and become very actual nowadays! There was a funny episode in the movie "Spy kids". A spy kid had unusual watch. There were a lot of functions: radar, thermometer, mobile phone, internet, calculator, etc.. But the watch didn't show the time! Because there were too many functions and there wasnt enough place for showing the time!

British company Pro-Idee recommends you the next generation of the watch. Its representative is Walkie Talkie Watch Freetalker! You can feel yourself a spy in your house, in a supermarket, on paintball match, in the garden or just on the street! The Walkie Talkie Watch Freetalker does show the time! It looks really stylish and modern, so your opponents wont notice that you even have a walkie talkie function! What else does a little spy need?

For parents it is a nice possibility to give a treat to their children with an interesting, original and absolutely not banal present! On one hand, your kid will definitely consider this present great and it will be an irreplaceable toy, but on the other hand you will be able to control your little spy in big halls, supermarkets, galleries, cinemas, theatres, concerts in order not to lose him.

Does you child feel itself big and independent? With the help of the Walkie Talkie Watch Freetalker you will be able to control it as if you are playing spy games! For the best effect the watch has an aerial that moves in and out. At the bottom of it is situated microphone. Moreover, you have 8 frequencies! It means that you are able to communicate with 7 different persons independent from each other!

If you are afraid to buy the mobile phone for your kid, the Walkie Talkie Watch Freetalker is the best way to control you child and to have connection with it in order not to be lost in a crowd. Mobile phone puts on kid responsibility. Thats why it will be much more pleased with the watch, because its just a great toy for him, possibility to use it in his games and have something unique and breathtaking that his friends will be delighted with!

There is nothing complicating in its using that is very important for kids and heir parents. There is such a mode operation called VOX. It is a vocal command that automatically turns on the walkie talkie function for your secret talks!

Unfortunately, the company didnt pay enough attention for excellent connection. The point is that you can communicate on the distance no more than 50 meters indoors. But outdoors the distance for a nice communication is up to 2500 meters! Taking it into account, the creators will be definitely developing and improving their invention. Im sure that the distance for talking indoors will increase! Personally I, as a potential user, would recommend them to make the Walkie Talkie Watch Freetalker work even on different floors!

Anyway, I would like to notice that the connection is very qualitative. Moreover, it has got the function of suppression of noise! It guarantees you even better communication!
Together with your kid you will be able to move in a spy world plying different games with Walkie Talkie Watch Freetalker! Feel yourself an agent 007!

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