Antistress alarm clock "Rugby" - the best start of your day!

Aug 16, 2007
I have read in a magazine that getting up in the morning is a very important process, because it is the start of the day. As we know, the start of the day gives us emotions throughout the whole day! It was also written that for the best start in the morning as an alarm melody should be put your favorite song on your mobile phone or on CD! Then you should smile to yourself, take a shower, have a breakfast, talk to your parents, lover or children and you will definitely have a nice day!!! Actually, everything happens visa versa..

Personally I often want to destroy my mobile phone when it rings in the morning and reminds me that the new working day has started! After 3 days I hate my ex-favorite melody that rings at 7 in the morning!

Luckily, there appeared a new invention - antistress alarm clock "Rugby"! Without any regret you can throw the alarm clock in the wall! I am sure that antistress alarm clock "Rugby" is the greatest method ever to get up in the morning! Your irritation immediately goes away! Your stress does go away as well, because nothing but your alarm can make you nervous in the morning! But when you throw your alarm in the wall with all your force, your stress remains there! I am convinced that everyone, at least once in his life, wanted to band his alarm as hard as it is possible! Now you have such possibility, because antistress alarm clock "Rugby" shuts down only when you throw it somewhere!

Where should you look for it after you have thrown it? Nice question, dont you think! As an alternative, if you have a dog, it will definitely find everything you throw, especially your alarm clock, because its form looks like a ball for rugby.

If you feel in the morning that the alarm clock has rung too early and you wont be late at work even if you sleep 10 minutes more, put the antistress alarm clock "Rugby" in your wifes (husbands, parents, sisters) hand and let him, her or them resolve the problem with the ringing alarm, in order not to scare her (him, them) with the unexpected rattle of the falling alarm clock!

But be careful! Think about your neighbors! Im not sure that they will be pleased with the rattle of your alarm every morning! But if they are always laughing or singing or having quarrels at midnight, that will be a nice little punishment for them! But if you have a friendship with your neighbors, but the rattle irritates them, make them a present - antistress alarm clock "Rugby"! In that way they will be able to "revenge" you every morning.

Antistress alarm clock "Rugby" can become an unusual, really cool and interesting present for everyone! Moreover, it can be used for training sprints for long or short distances! It will be useful, because its a kind of sport, so why not?

Even if you dont want to get up in the morning but you must, and your antistress alarm clock "Rugby" rings, you can be sure that you will definitely punish the disturber of your sleep. Nothing gives us power but the sense of revenge. Let you revenge be short, just for a moment until you throw your alarm away! Then you should smile to yourself and do everything that the magazines advice us! You will feel yourself powerful and strong! Because everything is in your arms! Even the best start of your day! Isnt it great?!

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Aug 18, 2007 01:29 AM » posted by: Andy

Is it really unbreakable??

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