The Electromagnetic Floating Photo Frame - a part of magic on your table!

Aug 15, 2007
She hasnt asked you to bring her a star from the sky, but you want to admire her and make an unusual present that will be appreciated? But, as always, nothing comes on your mind! There are so many things that can be given as a present! But there is a kind of prefabricated presents that are given to lovers, friends, parents, etc. Photo frame is of that type. But there is a frame that absolutely cant be called banal, so, dont you think it is what you need?

I recommend you the Electromagnetic Floating Photo Frame! Its name says everything about it! It looks like a mysterious object floating in the air! It is just a dream for a romantic soul! Your favorite pictures will be incredibly rotating being unsupported. It can be an unforgettable present for anyone! I am sure that almost everyone has ever given as a present a photo frame. But the Electromagnetic Floating Photo Frame will impress everyone and wont leave any person indifferent to your present. Giving such present you will show you admirable and delicate taste! It can become a lovely present for the St. Valentines Day! Moreover, it can become an irreplaceable stylish accessory for your room or office! You can put two your favorite and lovely photos that bring on your mind your sweetest memories!

In the firm belief I can call the Electromagnetic Floating Photo Frame the work of art and a great engineering achievement! I consider that the Electromagnetic Floating Photo Frame by right can be called universal. It can be a present for your business partners who will definitely appreciate your taste and attention. Or it can be a surprise for anybody independently of age, that is really comfortable and important. The Electromagnetic Floating Photo Frame will be a fantastic and incredible show for anyone who sees it! It comes with AC adapter. So you should just attach its saucer to electricity with the help of the adapter and let your frame just soar in the air! The complications are reduced to minimum, but the effect will be unforgivable! This original present will absorb everyones attention! The Electromagnetic Floating Photo Frame can make your mood much better and stop you depression. When you see the photos you really like floating in the air, nice memories come on your mind! The photos are slowly rotating, you start thinking how it is working, but you cant find the answer. At this very moment you understand that magic does exist in our world and your thoughts become much more positive!

A fresh idea for the producers! The next generation of Electromagnetic Floating Photo Frames can have a lightening frame or even shine in the darkness with soft and muted light, why not? Or maybe there can fly butterflies, dragonflies or stars and flowers around the photo frame! I think that the flight of fancy can be inexhaustible! The creation is really miraculous and I think it will undergo some more changes and become even more charming and attracting attention in the nearest future!

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Aug 20, 2007 04:01 PM » posted by: Noname

Cool Gadget!The Electromagnetic Floating Photo Frame - is the best gift for you girl or boyfriend!

Aug 15, 2007 12:52 PM » posted by: Guest..

Ohh...is it a miracle?u post it..
Hey, where did you get this gadget?Did you use it?
My girlfriend would be happy to get such present from me. But I think there are various variants of this gadget.. The Electromagnetic Floating Photo Frame is not the one,may be:)
Does it work only with AC adapter?

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