MobiCam Ultra Wireless Monitoring System - your best little spy

Aug 08, 2007
Do you want to know everything that is going on in the next room? Can I ask you, whether you are so curious or you have somebody that should be kept an eye on? Anyway, MobiCam Ultra Wireless Monitoring System (70007) can be your best spy!

Wonder why and wonder how? If you have a baby MobiCam Ultra Wireless Monitoring System will be your best friend and the first helper! It allows you to do all you household chores or even work in the garden, but to keep an eye on your sleeping or playing baby.

Even at night youll be able to have a good sleep and to see sweet dreams, because you wont be able to get up because of every suspicious sound. The MobiCam Ultra Wireless Monitoring System has the function of the night viewing! You just install the Wireless Color Handheld Video Camera in your babys room, but the receiver you can take anywhere you need. Can you imagine, that its transmission range is up to 300 feet! Its even more than you need in you house or apartment. Its large color display makes the picture really clear. Moreover, its sound is really nice!

One more useful thing is that the MobiCam Ultra Wireless Monitoring System can work with 2 cameras at the same time, situated in your house. Dont you think that it is so great that the camera is very mobile, compact and useful at the same time? The users of the MobiCam Ultra Wireless Monitoring System note that one of the biggest advantages is that you shouldnt be afraid that the camera wont show you at night that your baby woke up and cries, because it wakes up together with your baby when it utters any sound!

The MobiCam Ultra Wireless Monitoring System works with the help of the batteries or accumulator or absolutely autonomous. Moreover, its always a routine problem: how to fasten the camera in you babys room! No questions anymore! The MobiCam Ultra Wireless Monitoring System sales package includes versatile belt clip, table stand and hanging loop! Is reading different instructions boring and time-wasting? Yes! Thats why the company made the MobiCam in that way, that you just have to switch it on and start using!

One more alternative of using the MobiCam Ultra Wireless Monitoring System is that you can watch your home pet! For example, if you have a dog or a cat that can enter you babys room, you will definitely see it on your screen and take the measures. It can be even more comfortable if you put one more camera in the neighboring room and watch you home pet there!

Anyway, Im sure that the users of the MobiCam will be pleased and will find a lot of different methods to use it and make their life easier and calmer, without any unnecessary stresses! You better use your energy, time and positive emotions for your babies!

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Aug 15, 2007 11:54 AM » posted by: Guest

Hey, wassup?I read the post about MobiCam Ultra Wireless Monitoring System - your best little spy 3rd time. Can you write smth new?

Aug 11, 2007 11:18 AM » posted by: no name:)

Cool Gadget!But what resolution of camera has "MobiCam Ultra Wireless Monitoring System"?

Aug 10, 2007 01:28 PM » posted by: Cool!

2 Andy: Hey, look, having children is not an entertainment. just try to spent all of your time with your kids without spleeping. I hope u r strong man/woman and u will bear this trial.:)
Good luck!

Aug 10, 2007 01:17 PM » posted by: Andy

hm..actually I don't trust this gadget.I think it isn't so necesary for parents. They should be with their kids closer as it could be possible. This gadgets is just for lasy parent.
Do you agree???

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