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Jul 26, 2007

The Apple announced a new product of iPod series. It is 1 Gb iPod Shuffle.

It is the smallest AAC or MP3 player, which lets you keep up to 240 music files on your sleeve or your belt. It is so small that you can wear it everywhere you want. Just clip on your Shuffle as a badge to show your musical devotion. You should not worry about its toughness. It has aluminium corps which comes in big variety of colors.

The length of this product is about 1.62 inches. New iPod Shuffle is ultra-lightweight it is just a half of ounce. You don't believe. Actually, it is incredible, but it is true. New iPod Shuffle is 12 hours of continious listening music. You can import your CDs using iTunes or shop for music on the iTunes Store.

If you once used iPod or iPod nano, you wouldn't find any difficulties with control pad. Just put you finger on the center of control pad of iPod Shuffle to play or pause. The outer button lets you move back or skip forward and regulate volume. The headphones socket does 2 functions. Just flip it upside-down and drop it into the included dock. After that connect the dock to your PC using the USB for a sync or charge. If you are not close to your personal computer, you can charge your iPod Shuffle on the go with the optional USB adapter.

The iPod Shuffle has three battery indicators which show you condition of battery charge. Green indicator means that your iPod Shuffle is full of charge, amber means that your battery is low and red indicator shows you that your battery must be charged as soon as possible. But as you know, your battery let you listen to music about 12 hours without stopping, so you should not be worry at least for 12 hours after charging your iPod Shuffle. The clip of iPod Shuffle is sturdy and is built-in. You can fix it anywhere you want on your clothes. Using iPod Shuffle you will never feel it but you allways will be surrounded by your favourite music. Be sure, it costs. So enjoy it.

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Jul 04, 2015 09:29 PM » posted by: Yuli

In the last couple of weeks I setratd to have the following problem: channel loads and starts working OK (video and sound) but after two-three seconds the pictures freezes, then completely disappears, sound continues to play. Then the channel reloads and it happens again. I am with virgin and my internet speed is extremely good and I did not have this problem before. I had this subscription since October 2011.The problem seems to be with the First channel and Russia 1. Other channels work OK. Thanks.Thanks for your help.

Aug 15, 2007 11:57 AM » posted by: NoName

Yeah, cool stuff..I use it about 5 months..I'm glad I bougth it once. Cool Blog..Good work!

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