Comfort creeps in YOUR life with Logitech V220!

Jul 20, 2007
Are you looking for handiness and mobility, but havent found yet? Im sure that a new Cordless Optical Mouse V220 from Logitech is really what you need! It can be easily connected with your computer.

Havent you ever thought that it will be great if there are no cables on your working table? Or dont you think that it is very convenient to have the possibility to use your mouse not only near your computer or your notebook? Imagine the situation, you are watching a movie on your computer or notebook, lying on the sofa, but your computer is situated on the table. Suddenly, you receive a message in icq or an e-mail.

Using Cordless Optical Mouse V220 you will be able to operate it and read the messages still lying on your sofa! The distance between your mouse and your computer can be up to 2,5 meters! There is one more example that shows the convenience of the Cordless Optical Mouse V220 is incontestable! This mouse can be used for notebooks, so it can be an irreplaceable thing for you if you take your notebook in a trip!

Personally I cant imagine a modern busy person without a notebook even if he goes on a holiday for a rest! Surely, V220 will change your concept about using mice in a trip! I am sure that with new Cordless Optical Mouse V220 from Logitech comfort for you is guaranteed. Its form is very convenient for your hand and wont give any concern.

The company says that the battery will not get power loss until the next 6 months after purchasing! Moreover, it is also said that the V220 is up to 2x more responsive compare to ordinary optical mice! The biggest advantage in Cordless Optical Mouse V220 is that it comes with compact USB receiver. It means that you can plug to the mouse while not in use.

In comparison with previous models that were still working and getting power loss even if the computer was switched off. There is one more great advantage of the Cordless Optical Mouse V220. There are some caoutchouc insertions that prevent sliding of the manipulator.

Then, I would like to pay your attention, that there is a very successful construction of the cordless receiver, that is hidden right into its case. I would like to recommend such mouse for players of the action-games.

Noting will disturb you from your game and nothing will entangle, because there are no cables! Finally, I would like to say that you will be definitely pleased with the Cordless Optical Mouse V220 from Logitech because it opens new possibilities and makes using your computer or your notebook much more convenient and comfortable. But convenience and comfort are highly estimated my modern society!

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Jul 30, 2007 10:11 PM » posted by: Andy

I think it is cool stuff. I like it.. But I already have cordless keypad and mouse from Loghitech.

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