Glamour Phone from Nokia

Jul 18, 2007
When I look at mobile phone Nokia 7373 one song comes to my mind: "The glamorous, glamorous (the glamorous life), For the glamorous, oh the flossy flossy"..

This phone was created to bring beauty and style into your life! Wherever you go your stylish mobile phone will be definitely noticed! Nokia 7370 made use of two color schemes, dark colors (Bronze) and in a brighter color scheme - Powder Pink. Its biggest advantage is that it combines fashionable design and unique functions of Nokia mobile phone!!! This model is typical for women. A lot of elegant and pretty themes and skins are ready to decorate your Nokia.

It easily opens with one hand if you have just been shopping and your hands are occupied with bags! Using a quick voice command for those contacts that you are always calling can also make your life more comfortable. One little disadvantage is that you can't operate with it when it's closed, you can't read your messages, but you do can listen to mp3 or FM music! The 7373's sales package includes microSD for 128 MB that allows you to add to your mobile phone all your favourite mp3 songs, photos, pictures and videos!!!

The 7373 is able to support card sizes of up to 2GB so that should definitely fill all your multimedia needs! The card slot is located beneath the battery so you will be able to switch the phone first if you would like to swap the card. But personally for me, it's not a big inconvenience. I want to pay your attention that the stereo speakers sound much better than ordinary mono speakers on most other phones. You can also create different groups of contacts in your phone and put different and exclusive melodies for them! You can enjoy ringing tones in MIDI, MP3, SpMidim AAC, AAC+ & Enhanced AAC+ format. Then I would like to notice that camera leaves much to be desired. The camera has 2 Mega Pixels and a 8x digital zoom function but it doesn't make photos of a good quality when the lighting is not very good.

But the Nokia 7373's display is really good, that's why all the pictures and photos look fantastic and fascinating! The 7373 has 7 profiles that are editable. It's rather comfortable to have 7 different profiles for different situations in your life, for example, for a meeting or for a flight. It's a definitely indispensable function if you are a busy person. Nokia 7373 doesn't have an infrared port, but Bluetooth v2.0 is available. The 7373 also has support for USB connectivity via the pop-port connector. The MMS system works as expected, it lets you to create multiple pages by either inserting a video clip, music clip, picture, or just plain text.

I consider, it's a rather important function for a modern person! Nokia 7373 is the phone that was created for fashion, first of all, that's why it comes with a very limited set of applications. However, the basic applications do exist! In conclusion, I would like to say that Nokia 7373 is a modern, stylish mobile phone for the every day using. I'm sure that the owner of this phone will be definitely pleased!

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Yeah, I agree with you completely on this that Nokia 7373 mobile is very stylish. Above all, its specifications are really unmatchable. You explained every detail of this phone very precisely. Thank you for the great article I did enjoy reading it, I will be sure to bookmark your blog.

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Very Very Nice Post

Aug 24, 2007 09:23 PM » posted by: Vic

This telephone is AWESOME!!

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