Intelligent Spy Robots From PC World

Jul 10, 2007

PC World is looking forward to create domestic robots that, according to the company's officials, will be more than just toys, they might play the role of spies.

The new robot will include a webcam, placed on top of the body, thus replacing the head of the gadget. Anyone owning the device can control it remotely and then transmit the images coming from the webcam. Using wi-fi is one of the major advantages of the intelligent gadget which is to go on sale in autumn.

The robot is 1 ft tall and it moves using its caterpillar track wheel. It is able to record images and sounds that surround the robot - thus it might as well play the role of a spy. The device will go on sale as part of th company's wider push into the field of robotics.

In the run-up to Christmas the retailer hopes to sell 12 robots. The price range of all 12 gadgets will be between £200 (0) and £2,000 (30).

The 0 robot, dubbed Spyke, will have the ability to transmit messages from its owner using a wireless broadband. Thus one can pass a certain video message to anyone, for example transmit a message to nanny in case something happens inside the house.
One can also record and play MP3 files using the robot. In addition to the upper mentioned the gadget is able to transmit photos through e-mail. In case the robot runs out of batteries it can get back to its base station automatically.

Robots that are in another price range (30), like the one called R2D2, can project DVDs along with console games onto a wall or a special screen.

"Hardly a day goes by without a development in robotics. In the past it was just child's play - dinosaurs that walked and the like - but these things have real utility and are the shape of things to come." the company's spokesman mentioned.

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