Toys Running of Hydrogen to Be Manufactured for Masses

Jul 03, 2007

The company that makes hydrogen fuel cells exclusively for such toys like cars and boats, Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technologies, made a deal with a toy company called Wah Shing Toys. The latter is going to start a mass manufacture of the company's products.

Nowadays it is quite impractical to purchase a car that runs on hydrogen. The cost of hydrogen is about 1 million and there are very few filling stations providing the product.

However, officials from Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technologies state that there are other applications of hydrogen. Switzerland prohibited the use of gas burning boats on most of its lakes. Thus boathouses, which already sell propane, will be able to sell hydrogen as well.

The key product of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technologies is the H-Racer. The toy represents a miniature car that runs on hydrogen. One can fill up the fueling station of the car with water. Hydrogen is extracted from the H2O molecules. Afterwards electrons are being extracted from the atoms of hydrogen in order to provide enough power for the battery, which makes the car move. It is worth mentioning that the electricity used for splitting the molecules of H2O comes from a solar panel.

Thus the toy represents an all-green fun thing for children. This, however, is only in case kinds do not want to jump their toy car through a flaming hoop.

Both Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technologies and Wah Shing Toys will also take into consideration the ways to bringing clean power sources to some other toys.

The mass production of such toys might help in bringing down the price. Currently the price of the H-Racer is somewhere around the hundred mark.

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