Grand Theft Auto IV out in October 2007 - Trailers

Jun 30, 2007
Gamers are eager to know when sequels to their favorite games come out. When a sequel appears, this is like getting a present for Christmas: you check out all the new features, see the goofs, if there are any, and just have fun playing the new game.

Grand Theft Auto is one of those favorite games, which keeps gamers in suspense ever since the first version of the game appeared: there is action, there are close to reality graphics, and there are things you just can't do in real life. Today gamers are waiting for Grand Theft Auto IV, which is to come out in October 2007. The distributor, Rockstar Games,knowing that thousands of people are waiting for October to come added a line at the bottom of the poster, which says "order now, to void disappointment".

Here are two trailers thrown out into the Internet by the distributor to stir things up and tease gamers with the new Grand Theft Auto IV. I personally didn't play computer games, but I liked what I saw in these trailers and maybe I'll have a look into what it'll be like, becoming a virtual gangster.

Grand Theft Auto IV Official Trailer

Grand Theft Auto IV Trailer 2: "Looking for that special someone"

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