Two Chargers That Could not Be Described as 'Usual'

Jun 28, 2007
Environment-friendly mini windmill for recharging mobile gadgets batteriesLast weekend on the Glastonbury Festival in Britain the local mobile phone operator Orange presented an unusual, or not quite usual, gadget for charging mobile devices. It couldn't be called the most innovative gadget, but it is rather environment-friendly charging device, which is a mini clone of very popular wind mills, spread around the world's fields. However, the statement that the device takes into consideration the "unpredictable English climate" says that the gadget should be worth something.

The mini-mill is supposed to be placed on top of camping tents. Should skeptics think the mill could damage the tent, they would be wrong, because the gadget weighs only 150 g. This fact should make the gadget both portable and easy installable in almost any places. However, what camping fans should worry about is strong winds, which could blow the stable device away.

Well, no matter what purposes Orange had, when the company spent time developing and then producing the gadget, one thing is for sure - it is still not sure, whether the mini-mill charger will see mass production. Yet Orange has proved its greenness with the presentation of this device anyway.

WildCharger to wirelessly charge mobile gadgetsAnother charger is supposed to recharge mobile batteries wirelessly. I'm not sure if it's innovative for the industry, as there are some electrical toothbrushes, recharging wirelessly. In addition the technology is rather raw and there are not so many mobile phones' manufacturers ready to install special receivers on their gadgets to use the electro-magnetic fields as a source of power for the battery.

WildCharge is the company ready to start selling such wireless charging tablets bearing a no-one-could-ever-think-about name WildCharger, by the end of this summer. On July 7th, 2007 (a lucky number 7-7-07, according to the ) the leader in providing wire-free electric power is ready to receive orders for this charging gadget - and exclusively on its web-page.

If you ask my opinion, I don't know. I'm not the most progressive or a conservative person, but the technology is still not most advanced one. I mean, the WildCharger should still need a power cord to get electricity. The WildCharge official page states that "charging your mobile devices is as easy as placing it on the table". How about simple cradles? All you there need is aim better to hit the charger slot; and yet there is no chance missing you could miss it (sober).

The choice is a powerful thing and it is up to us people, whether the cord stays or we choose the Life Unplugged as the company's motto says, and wait until all the mobile gadgets manufacturers do us a favor and deliver some preinstalled receivers on their gadgets. Demand determines the supply, so if we, users, don't use it, companies won't bother making it. Yet.

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