100 Hours Before iPhone Sale Start - a Line is already There

Jun 26, 2007
Americans seem to be more iPhone fans than anyone could possibly expect: on Monday, approximately 100 hours before AT&T stores start selling one of the most sensational gadgets of the 21st century, iPhone fans have started a queue. It is probably only a matter of speculation how long the line would become by Monday.

First men in line on 5th Avenue for an iPhone

First two fanatics in the line have already given up on their home's comfort and decided to become bums for a week. But this week is nothing in compare with the reward, waiting for them on July the 2nd in one of the AT&T stores on the 5th Avenue in New-York city - a brand new and shiny Apple's iPhone.

Their dream is an iPhone

There's probably no need speaking about its features, as anyone who dares calling him/herself an iPhone fan, can utter all these features while asleep.

This man's name is Greg Paker and he says everything on the picture below. He is probably the first person on the planet to own an iPhone. A on Gizmodo.com shows that Greg can hardly understand the questions he is being asked and, obviously, hardly answers them. Greg asks for support, which he would like to see in form of food. People suggest that Apple organized some free meals for the upcoming huge line.

Greg Paker - probably the first man in history to own an iPhone

If anyone wants too share Greg's obsession with iPhone and beautiful girls, here's .

Any ideas on how long the line might become on Monday, July the 2nd, 10:30 PM, on 5th Avenue in New-York city?

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