iNav - Another Hi-Tech Revolution From Apple?

Jun 18, 2007
According to the German "FOCUS" magazine, the top auto brand of the world, Mercedes, will use Apple's OS to power up new navigation systems in their car's beginning from 2009.

Mercedes Navigation SystemAfter exploding Apple fans all over the blue planet with the announcement of iPhone, Apple now heads for a brand new direction in its activity - navigational systems. Many Mac users would say that there's nothing Apple couldn't do. The hustles about the iPhone will never stop for about a year, so probably there's something new to expect from Apple.

The GPS on the new Mercedes Benz cars will have an obvious name for an Apple product - iNav. Alexander von Streit, the author of the article in the "FOCUS" magazine is convinced that this new direction would be conquered by Apple too. And moreover, it is said that iPhone will have an in-build GPS receiver in its next versions, so the basis is already set and Apple will have some new experience with nav systems.

It is obvious that neither Apple, nor Mercedes will share any details about their new iNav project and it's also obvious that it won't produce as much of a boom as the iPhone did. However Mac users, who drive fancy cars, will be the true 'connoisseurs' of the iNav. People are just about always optimistic about Apple's new products, just like I am now.

Yet two things are still not so crystal clear to me, with the news about the iNav coming: first, what domain will be chosen? People say the main .COM, .ORG (on sale, though) and .NET domains are already taken, so what would be the official iNav site? iNav.gov? I doubt. Such domains, by the way, as .DE, .FR, .CO.UK are also taken. An option is that a lucky guy, who registered the "inav.com" domain will be honored to receive a big fat check from Apple for this name.

The second thing is a bit stupid, but still: how will the new commercial look like? Would it be the same "Hi, I'm an old GPS! - Hi! I'm an iNav! Here's what I can do"... Let's wait and see.

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