I-Buddy - shows off the emotions of your interlocutors

Dec 19, 2007
It seems to me that any modern person uses at last one kind of messenger. Unfortunately, people meet each other so rarely nowadays. That's why messenger is a very nice and handy solution for the majority of them. But.. I wish the messenger could reflect people's emotions. It's the biggest disadvantage of the messengers, because they can't.

The progress made a step forward in this sphere. Now appear different gadgets that help people to make their communication via different messengers more realistic and natural. I-Buddy will help you to understand the mood and reactions of your interlocutor.

This sweet gadget visually demonstrates you emotions. It flaps its wings and changes the colors depending on the emoticons in the messages. Generally, the device looks really interesting and funny. It may show love, angriness and other feelings. It's rather jokingly to observe it.

If i-Buddy starts annoying you and if your interlocutors have too many emotions, you may program it to react just for one person.

It seems to me that your computer might be happy to have such accessory. If you spend a lot of time communicating via messengers this gadget is definitely for you.

Unfortunately, the device reflects just the emotions of your interlocutors that you may also see on your screen. Why doesn't it show the real emotions that are hidden inside? I guess that would be the best-seller and the greatest accessory for the computer.

Anyway, now I represent you this gadget the way it is: funny, interesting, but it might become a little annoying.

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