Mobile Hi-Vision Cam - World's First Mobile Phone to Record 720p Video

May 25, 2009
Say hello to the incredible, world's first 3G camera phone that can record 720/30p video. The device is called Mobile Hi-Vision Cam WOOO and it was brought by Hitachi.

The 3GPP2 video codec is the main ingredient that allows this phone to record in 720p. However, video recorded on the Mobile Hi-Vision Cam WOOO won't have the same quality as video recorded on a traditional professional HD video camera.

The phone's Video Mode is great for taking simple shorts of slow moving objects. However, you will probably be disappointed when filming fast moving objects, since the video will be blurry.

Still, do not forget that this is, first of all, a mobile phone and if you consider that a mobile phone features an HD camera, than it's a pretty cool device after all.


- 5Mpix camera sensor;
- 1Seg TV tuner;
- Lismo Video;
- Wireless Music;

In addition you can record up to 4 hours of HD Video in case you have an 8GB microSD card and the video is shot in HL mode.

With the help of an HDMI cable your can enjoy video stored on the phone right on your TV.


posted by: Gadgets Infoniac

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