5 great gadgets you will be able to get soon

Apr 08, 2008
The following gadgets aren't available for buying yet. But you have a chance to schedule to obtain them very soon, if there is something you like.

The first gadget can be called universal, because it implements a lot of functions. The device is called Panasonic Viera P905i. It is the smallest 'big-screen' TV in the world. The gadget features a 3-inch screen, powerful image processing and mobile broadcasting service. The quality of the display can be compared even with a full-size TV.

On the one hand you may use it as a usual modern mobile phone, but if you turn it 90 degrees you have the possibility to watch TV or play 3D games. Finally, the device also has a 5-megapixel camera, high-speed broadband and GPS tracking. The list of the possibilities of this gadget really impresses.

Have you dreamed to have a laptop with over a pound weight? Raon Everun UMPC - is what you need. Thanks to the device's weight and 7 inches length it is perfect for travelers. The gadget features full QWERTY keyboard, a 4.8-inch touch screen and is based on Windows XP.

Moreover, you may choose between 60 or 6 GB hard drive. The built-in Wi-Fi opens you access to the Internet. The battery life is incredible: 7-11 hours. This UMPC (ultra mobile personal computer) is the next step into our world of technologies.

At first sight Samsung 'Soul' SGH U900 might seem a usual mobile phone, but it has a few innovations that will make the use of this phone more comfortable. The device is very thin - just 13 mm. But its features impress.

The gadget has a 5-megapixel camera with 4X digital zoom, image stabilization, face detection and support for blazingly fast 7.2-mbps data connections. This mobile phone has both a numeric keypad and a touch screen for your choice. The touch screen vibrates when you push it. Thus, the interface shows just the icons relevant to the task at hand.

NEC ValueStar W is an entertainment PC. The name of the gadget comes from words 'Water Silence'. The device wraps a liquid-cooled hard drive. So, it produces encompassing noise of just 25 to 30 dB that is really quite.

It means you can enjoy every movie and every song, and you won't hear the machine working. The Vista Media Center PC is supplied with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, a 22-inch LCD, and a combo Blu-ray/HD DVD drive.

Toshiba ApriPoko Robot will make you either lazy or your energetic life easier. This lovely 11-inch-tall robot is a voice-activated remote control. The device features artificial intelligence.

There is an example of its work: if you press the buttons on your TV's remote control, the robot will inquire you what you are doing. The next step is the following: it will memorize the IR codes associated with your actions. Thus, when you ask it to turn on the TV the robot will do it for you.

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This website is full of stuff related to latest technology devices and they are doing this work for a long time. Personally, I am more excited about the Toshiba ApriPoko Robot because it runs through the voice-activated remote control and it also has the features of artificial intelligence which is quite cool. Thanks a lot for sharing this information.

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