GPS Child Locator Allows Parents See the Current Location of Their Kids

Jan 13, 2009
A British technology company developed an electronic babysitter. The gadget looks like a wristwatch and with its help parents will always know where their offspring are at all times.

According to Matthew Salmon, a spokesman for lok8u, company that invented the GPS Child Locator, or num8, the device features a Global Positioning System (GPS). The GPS has an accuracy of about 3 meters, the spokesman said. The num8 activates only when it is attached to the wrist and it is extremely complicated to get it off.

However, if the child somehow manages to take off the num8, the device instantly sends an emergency SMS to the cell phone of his or her parents. "It would give you a Google Maps image with their exact location, the street name and the zip code," said Mr. Salmon.

Whenever parents want to find out about the current location of their child, they only have to send a short text message saying "wru" and they will receive the required information to their computer or cell phone. They may also find the exact location of their child by logging on to the official website of the company.

Mr. Salmon also mentioned that parents can set up a perimeter, which is a kind of invisible fence and each time their child walks out of it, the device sends a warning. The invisible fence can be set up on the Internet. The gadget is waterproof and shockproof. A full charged battery can power the num8 for three days.

The gadget will be available in UK and the United States this year and its price will be 0 with a monthly subscription fee of . Thousands of people have already expressed their opinion about the device shortly after it was launched. Half of them are positive about num8, while the other half expressed their concerns over the device.

"Tthat it's a bit Big Brother-ish. But it's really just about letting you have freedom of mind," said Mr. Salmon.


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