Gaming Enthusiast Shows Off His Huge Collection of Video Game Consoles

Jul 26, 2011
Today there are people who collect not only stamps or antique stuff but even video game consoles.

Having passion for video games, Sergiokillo from Valencia, Spain, managed to build up a rich collection of video game consoles.

He unveiled his collection to the visitors of the Campus Party, an extremely large technological event held in Spain. In fact it represents the gathering of tech geeks from Spain who come together to demonstrate their latest creations and share knowledge.

Sergiokillo's collection has examples of consoles older Mattel Electronics and newer that Xbox 360. It includes gaming consoles from the first generation and the last seventh generation and it's really hard to find a console that he might've missed.

Probably the most notable consoles are the ones from Mattel, the Coleco, VCS Atari, the Marter Systems and the Nintendo Mini Consoles.

[via Reghardware]


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Aug 02, 2011 01:44 AM » posted by: Judith

Whoa, thngis just got a whole lot easier.

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