TOP 5 Bestselling Creative Zen mp3/media players

Jan 04, 2008

Creative Zen 4 GB media player

Creative Zen 4 GB media player - Bring your media with you wherever you roam with the Creative Zen 4GB player. Watch 16 hours of videos, enjoy up to 1,000 of your favorite songs or share hundreds of photos with your friends. And do it all on a device that's about the width of a credit card.

Load up up your favorite songs, as well as your album art, and get going with the Zen. The device supports iTunes Plus tracks from the iTunes store and MP3 and WMA tracks. Subscription and pay-per-download music services are supported, as well. Discover, save, and play millions of songs when subscribing to services such as Yahoo Music Unlimited and Napster To Go. You can even tune into your favorite stations with the Zen's FM radio. The radio allows you to save up to 34 presets.

The Zen has you covered when it comes to video, too. The device supports MJPEG, WMV9 and--with transcoding--MPEG1 and 2, MPEG4-SP, DivX 4 and 5, and XviD. Enjoy purchased movies and TV shows from online services. Watch home videos. Even load your Tivo To Go movies and TV shows onto your Zen.

Additional features include a clock and alarm function, volume restriction, eight equalizer settings, and a USB hard drive mode, which allows you to drag and drop files directly to and from your Zen. The Zen can also function as a handy organizer, allowing you to synchronize with Microsoft Outlook and display your contacts, calendar, and tasks.

Creative Zen V Plus 4 GB Portable Media Player

Creative Zen V Plus 4 GB Portable Media Player - Flaunt your independent sense of style with its tiny size and eye-catching design that will be the envy of your friends. Everything you need right at your fingertips. Carry your treasured music collection, funny video clips and family photo slideshows.

Creative knows that sporty is sexy, and this player is ideal for any workout junkie. The skip-free playback is perfect on your morning jog or your most rigorous workout at the gym. The optional armband and case fit comfortably on your arm and keep your Zen V Plus safe and secure while running or lifting.

The Zen V Plus player was designed for people who appreciate style and function. Don't be surprised when people take notice of your cool, colorful music and photo player. You can proudly announce that your device carries up to 2,000 songs, and you can show off your favorite photos and video clips that you've stored on this pocket-sized powerhouse.

Audio Playback Format - MP3, WMA, WAV and Audible Photo Format - JPEG Video Playback Format - Transcoded video format Syncs with and views Microsoft Outlook Contacts, Calendar&Tasks Personal video clips FM Radio View Photos and Album Art at any viewing angle Subscription service support and pay per download music Direct CD recording Built-in Voice Recorder Syncs contacts, calendar and tasks Skip free playback Plays music, ZENCast, and audiobooks Alarm and clock Customizable main menu System Requirements - Microsoft Windows XP (Service Pack 1 or higher) / XP 64-bit, Intel Pentium III 1GHz or AMD Duron 1GHz, 256MB RAM, USB 1.1 port (USB 2.0 recommended), 170MB free hard drive space (more for audio content storage) Dimensions - 1.7 x 2.7 x 0.6 inch Weight - 1.55 ounces

Creative Zen Vision:M 30 GB MP3 and Video Player

Creative Zen Vision:M 30 GB MP3 and Video Player - In its own right, the Creative Zen Vision:M is a very capable digital audio player, video player, photo viewer, FM radio, and more. Indeed, one could go on and on about how it has the right specifications to make it a constant companion for entertainment on the go.

Creative takes a somewhat different approach with the Vision:M's controls, answering the iPod's Click Wheel with a vertical touch pad--which allows you to scroll up and down menus and control volume--plus four buttons that offer navigation through the user interface.

The contextual menu button on the bottom right is a welcome addition, allowing you to make quick settings changes and view information about media files on the fly--functions that are more cumbersome on an iPod. Creative could have made the buttons a bit more sensitive--they require a firm press that gives an overall feeling of clunkiness to an otherwise well-designed user interface. Another annoyance is the touch pad's over-sensitivity; it's easy to make selections unintentionally, sending you on a wild ride through the user interface.

The Zen Vision: M 30GB Multimedia Center makes it easy to carry all your digital files around - and navigate them more simply. You'll be able to enjoy thousands of photo and audio files -- or even video files, thanks to the great-looking 2.5" LCD screen. Its 320x240 resolution and 262,144 color display will makes photos look almost as good as the real thing, even in bright sunlight. The TV-out jack lets you store complete movies or TV shows and connect them to a TV for easy sharing with your friends.

The Zen Vision will even turn your slideshows into attention-grabbing multimedia; share your collections of baby photos by adding a backdrop of your favorite music to the slideshow, directly from the player. The bigger, backlit Vertical Scroll navigation tool is smoother and helps to improve selection accuracy. It's the one-stop device for all your digital entertainment needs.

Creative Zen Sleek Photo 20 GB Multimedia Player

Creative Zen Sleek Photo 20 GB Multimedia Player - Living up to its name, the svelte and elegantly designed Creative Zen Sleek Photo Multimedia Player can carry thousands of MP3 and WMA music files as well as your favorite snapshots. It is compatible with secure PlaysForSure WMA files downloaded from online music stores and subscription services (like MTV's Urge, Napster, and Rhapsody).

This 20 GB digital audio player will store up to 10,000 WMA (encoded at 64 Kbps) or 5,000 MP3 (128 KBps) CD-quality songs. The internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery offers up to 19 hours of continuous play. The cutting edge, 1.7-inch OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) screen looks terrific from every angle and it draws less power than conventional LCD displays. It displays 262,144 vivid colors, ensuring every picture is sharply detailed and extraordinarily clear. In addition to standard slideshows, you can also set up custom slideshows complete with music.

Creative Zen Micro 6 GB MP3 Player

Creative Zen Micro 6 GB MP3 Player - You will never be without your favorite music with ZEN MICRO. Squeezed into its micro-sized casing is the capacity to store an astounding 2, 500 songs on its hard drive, and it keeps your music going for up to 12 hours on a single battery charge with its removable, rechargeable Li-ion battery.

There's no need to go round in circles with the ZEN MICRO's intuitive Vertical Touch Pad. Designed to let you easily navigate through your music, you can be sure to find any song or data file with ease.Shuffle your songs or albums with the DJ feature, or tune in to the latest songs on the pop charts with the radio. Whatever you're listening to, enjoy the superior sound quality and clarity of a hi-fi that fits easily in your pocket.Not only does it play music, the ZEN MICRO helps you keep your life organized too.

The mini-organizer consists of a calendar, an address book and a to-do-list. Keep track of all your business appointments or classes. Sync up your Microsoft Outlook email addresses, calendar notes in your home or office PCs with ZEN MICRO. Need to record lectures, business meetings, or just love the sound of your voice? The built-in microphone lets you to create and store voice memos with the built-in voice recorder.

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